Women's Studies



Ex-Officio Member
Arianne Gaetano 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall oversee the process of evaluating the Director and the Program, selecting (i.e., nominations and elections) a new Director, approving new courses for Program credit, and approving new applicants for faculty affiliation. They will consult on planning events, including an annual fall semester reception to welcome new faculty.


Emily Friedman, Associate Professor, (English) 2018-2020
Hannah Baggett, Assistant Professor, (Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology) 2018-2020
Melissa Blair, Assistant Professor, (History) 2018-2021
Tal Peretz, Assistant Professor, (Sociology) 2018-2020
Silvia Vilches, Assistant Professor, (Human Development & Family Studies) 2018-2021

Last Updated: September 25, 2018