Women's Leadership Institute

Extraordinary Women: A Lecture Series

Historical precedence has established the perception that women have not been part of leadership roles in history and this has enhanced conventional gender roles. However, a review of history reveals that women leaders throughout time have been celebrated in biographies, novels, paintings, poetry, music, becoming folk heroines, priestesses, monarchs, rulers, church leaders, mistresses and deviants. This revelation serves as an inspiration to reveal real-world examples of women leaders. It is through the interaction that possibilities and the discovery outside those established conventional roles takes place.

This lecture series provides students and the general public the opportunity to interact with and be inspired by outstanding women leaders. It has been established that emerging women leaders would benefit from same-sex role models because it is this close encounter that not only presents the possibility of women as leaders breaking down social conventional wisdom and gender association with leadership, but also makes women leadership a reality, a normalcy allowing leadership in women to find expression. This lecture series is aimed at enhancing the possibility while presenting women capable of leadership roles that draw from everything society has to offer using conventional sociopolitical tools and working with the values available to them.         

Speakers to date include Lt. General Leslie Kenne, Lilly Ledbetter, Marie C. Wilson, Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem and Dr. Mae Jemison. 

Lt. General Leslie Kenne Marie C. Wilson

Last Updated: February 21, 2017