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University College Administrative Transition to the College of Liberal Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning May 14, 2018, the University College will become a unit under the leadership of the College of Liberal Arts. Below are frequently asked questions regarding the administrative transition.

Why is the University College Transitioning to the College of Liberal Arts (CLA)?

The University College is transitioning to CLA in order to provide students with expanded academic programs, faculty, and support services. An important part of Auburn’s mission is to provide students with a high-quality academic experience supported by distinguished faculty who are leaders in their fields of study. Under CLA, the University College will have the opportunity to grow its faculty by providing opportunities to hire tenure-line faculty, resulting in increased programming to support the growth in enrollment. This is especially important for the Department of Aviation, a unit that continues to experience an increased student and faculty demand.

Students will also benefit from increased resources and opportunities within CLA, including professional organizations, co-curricular activities, student governance representation and additional career preparation programs specific to students majors. Future faculty will benefit from college-wide resources that support their professional advancement in the areas of scholarship, creative work, and teaching. The University College staff will also benefit from increased professional resources available through CLA, including shared services in Human Resources and Information Technology.

Will the transition impact the delivery of programs provided to students?

No, transitioning the University College to CLA will not affect the delivery of its programs. Students served by the Interdisciplinary Studies Major, Department of Aviation, academic minors, and Exploratory Advising Center will continue to receive uninterrupted services, and the curricula will not change.

When will the transition be effective?

The administrative transition of the University College will be effective on May 14, 2018.

How will the students within the University College’s programs be academically impacted?

As an academic unit within the College of Liberal Arts, the University College will continue to provide programmatic and advising support to students. There will be no changes to the established curriculum requirements for students enrolled in the Department of Aviation, the Interdisciplinary Studies program, and the academic minors.

Students in the Department of Aviation will benefit from the addition of full-time tenure track faculty and a robust administrative structure that will oversee the unit’s accredited programs.

How will student advising within the University College be impacted?

Students will remain enrolled in the University College and will continue to be advised by University College professional staff under the broader College of Liberal Arts.

Will Exploratory Students still be able to choose a major that best suits them?

Yes, students enrolled in the Exploratory Advising programs will continue to be able to choose an academic major that best aligns with their interest and abilities, and CLA leadership will promote the consistent transfer of students from the Exploratory Advising Center to other colleges and schools, consistent with students’ interests.

Will students continue to be identified as University College students?

Current and future students will continue to be recognized as members of the University College within CLA, like students enrolled in the College’s School of Communication and Journalism and School of Fine Arts. Students will be recognized at graduation and convocation ceremonies with other CLA students.

Will this affect the Department of Aviation’s accreditation with the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI)

AABI accreditation is not impacted by this transition. The CLA fully supports this year’s reaffirmation process for reaccreditation for the next five-year cycle.

Will this transition affect the Department of Aviation’s 1,000-hour R-ATP approval with the FAA?

Since the degrees and the curriculums remain unchanged, the 1,000-hour R-ATP will remain intact.

Students with specific questions should reach out to their University College advisor.

Last Updated: May 09, 2018