University College

University College

University College is Transitioning to the College of Liberal Arts

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University College fosters the growth of interdisciplinary and cross-college academic programs. Our programs are designed to provide intellectual opportunities for students whose interests, aptitudes, and career goals range widely across college boundaries. It is the home of the Aviation Management and Professional Flight programs as well as the University Interdisciplinary Studies undergraduate major, and the Sustainability, Information and Cyber Analysis, Leadership, Aviation Management, and Professional Flight minors. The Exploratory Advising Center supports incoming freshman entering the university as Exploratory Majors as well as transitional students who are evaluating major options. University College is also the home of the Alabama Prison Arts and Prison Education program.

While a more traditional academic model works for most students, some are looking for a more inclusive educational experience, we're pleased to recognize Auburn University for embracing students who are looking to address complex issues through interdisciplinary collaboration.

 - Madeline Cruz,

Last Updated: May 09, 2018