Thursday, February 28, 2013


Thursday 8-8:45 Presidential Address (Ballroom A)


Thursday 9:00-10:30

Session I


Minority Self-Fashioning in Early American Print Cultures (Ballroom F) A/V

Chair: Christopher Packard, New York University

"Advertising the Eulogy:  William Apess's Situational Self-Fashioning," Daniel M. Radus, Cornell University

"Colonial Drag: Agency, Appropriation, and New Gendered Spaces in Sarah Kemble Knight's Journal," Andrea Nienstedt, Oakland University

"Ethiopia and African-American Literature across Deep Time," Steven W. Thomas, Wagner College

Respondent: Christopher Packard, New York University


Food, Dress, and the Politics of Everyday Colonialism (Ballroom E/D) A/V

Chair: Zara Anishanslin, College of State Island (CUNY)

“Food, Drink, and the Politics of the Plantation in early modern Barbados,” Jenny Shaw, University of Alabama

“He heard the Officers talk over at Table”: Black Food Networks and the American Revolution,” Rachel Herrmann, University of Texas, Austin

“Tailor-Made Suits, Fancy Dresses, and Rye Coffee: The Politics of Race and Status at an Antebellum Indian Boarding School,” Christina Snyder, Indiana University

“‘*We had two real Indians’: Performance and Expertise through Dress during War,” Christian Ayne Crouch, Bard College


Transporting the Caribbean (Ballroom A) A/V

Chair: Thomas W. Krise, Pacific Lutheran University

"Negotiating Translingual Bodies in William Pittis's The Jamaica Lady," Emily Artiano, Northeastern University

"The Two Gardens of Charles II," Kate Mulry, New York University

"Africa, American Indians, and Quandaries of Racial Representation in Early English Encounters with the Americas," Cassander L. Smith, University of Alabama

"'Yet when the same is transferred to a better Mould': Wild and Tame Prickly Pears in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic," Jerusha E. Westbury, New York University


Sex and Social Order in the Early American Novel (Verlest)

Chair: Todd Aldridge, Auburn University

“Queer Melancholy in Hannah Webster Foster’s The Coquette,” Justin R. Grant, University of Florida

"Shaping Female Sexuality through Inter-Colonial Exploration in Leonora Sansay's Secret History," Helen Knight, Purdue University

"Novel Crossings: Charlotte Temple and the Narratology of Transatlantic Travel," Andrew Ferris, Princeton University

"Sodomy and Social Mobility in Edward Kimber's History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson," Edward Cahill, Fordham University


Landscapes of Early American Memory (Percival)

Chair: Cathy Rex, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

"'Where stomacks miscarry': Establishing Geographic Markers in Early Modern England," Derrick Spradlin, Freed-Hardeman University

"Deforestation and the Ecology of Colonial Promotional Literature," John Easterbrook, New York University

“'By the Rivers': Psalm 137 as a Site of Encounter," Andrew Newman, Stony Brook University

“Between Plymouth Rock and a Hard Place: Citizenship and American Symbols in The Female Marine,” Dan Walden, Baylor University


Print Culture and Early America (Vernon)

Chair: Sue E. Barker, CUNY Graduate Center

"Publius and Mehemet: The Muslim Mask and the Temporality of Republican Discourse," Jacob Crane, Tufts University

“Rebecca Rush's Kelroy and the Demise of Republican Idealism,” Richard S. Pressman, St. Mary's University of Texas

"Innate Depravity and the Spectacle of Public Punishment: Temperance and Anti-Gallows Sentiment in Samson Occom's Execution Sermon for Moses Paul (1772)," Christopher Allan Black, East Tennessee State University


Thursday 10:45-12:15

Session II


Transport and Transportation in the Long Eighteenth Century (Ballroom F) A/V

Chair: Jared Gardner, Ohio State University

“Holding Patterns: Prison Ships and Prisoner Narratives from the American Revolution,” Dustin Kennedy, Pennsylvania State University

“Lewis and Clark and Indur: Material and Imaginative Transports of Early American Imperialism,” Bert Emerson, California State University, Fullerton

“London in America: Canals and Empire in the Early US Republic,” Daniel Kanhofer, New York University

“Waterways and the Poetics of Embargo,” Elizabeth Hewitt, Ohio State University


Critical Anachronisms (Ballroom E/D) A/V

Facilitator: Emily García, Northeastern Illinois University

“Queering Loyalism: The Case of Major John André,” Emma Stapely, University of Pennsylvania

“Queer Time in an Unlikely Place,” Jodi Schorb, University of Florida

“American Orientations: The Narratives of Elizabeth House Trist and Francisco de Miranda, 1783-1784,” Emily García, Northeastern Illinois University

“Sex and 'Unsex,” Greta LaFleur, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

“Epigenetics and Early American Culture,” Talia Argondezzi, Duke University


Geography and Genre: The Global South (Ballroom A) A/V

Chair: Gretchen J. Woertendyke, University of South Carolina

"What We Talk About When We Talk About the Global South," Jennifer Rae Greeson, University of Virginia

"The Southern Cross: Slave Narratives, Mercantilism, and Mobility," Janet Neary, Hunter College, CUNY

"A New Black Geography," Judith Madera, Wake Forest University

"Temporal Imaginings of the Global South: How do Future Projections Change the Conversation?," Karen Rosenthal, Rice University

"Genre, Cultural Transmission, and the Global South," Peter Reed, University of Mississippi


Preservation, Documania, Disappearance: Historiographies of Early America (Verlest)

Chair: Christopher Hunter, California Institute of Technology

“Interior Narratives: American Biography and Historical Tales in the Making of Sacred Historical Space,” Whitney Martinko, University of Virginia

“Recovering the Revolution: Historical Archivism and Reprinting in Virginia,” Lindsay DiCuirci, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

“The Remarkable Disappearance of Jonathan Dickinson,” Christopher Hunter, California Institute of Technology


Chemistry and the Human (Percival)

Chair: Susan Scott Parrish, University of Michigan

“Atomic Encounters,” Krista Turner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 “Melville and Meteorology,” Meredith Farmer, Wake Forest University

“Combustible Weiland,” Jenny Braun, University of Virginia


Phillis Wheatley and Early African American Poetry (Vernon)

Chair: Max Cavitch, University of Pennsylvania

“’Our Sable Race’: Linguistic Play and Proto-Womanist Protest in Wheatley’s and Prince's Poetics,” L. Lamar Wilson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“Wheatley, Horton, and the Bound Genealogies of Early African American Poetry,” Jill Spivey Caddell, Cornell University

“Wheatley, Johnson, and the Mockingbird Poets,” Alex Black, Cornell University


Thursday, 1:30-3:00

Session III


Periodizing Early American Poetry (Ballroom F) A/V

Chair: Greg Cass, Northeastern University

"Colonial Style: La Araucana, Violence, and Representation in the Americas," Joanne van der Woude, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands

“Reading American Poetry According to The Seasons,” Michael C. Cohen, University of California, Los Angeles

“Liberty’s Call: Frank Moore’s Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution,” Faith Barrett, Lawrence University


Revolutionary Rhetorics and Public Space (Ballroom A) A/V

Chair Max White, Northeastern University

"Madness and Folly Triumphant: Loyalist Newspapers on Mobs,"  Kacy K. Tillman, University of Tampa

"Cataloging Independence: The Rhetoric of Non-Consumption and –Importation Agreements on the Way to the Declaration," Michael Ditmore, Pepperdine University 

“Understanding the Declaration of Independence through the Role of the John Dunlap Broadside,” Dr. Trisha Capansky, University of Tennessee at Martin

"’No Soldier Shall...Be Quartered in Any House’: Privacy and Public Space in the Late Colonial South,” John G. McCurdy, Eastern Michigan University


Using New Stuff to Think about Old Stuff: Teaching with Digital Archives Roundtable (Ballroom E/D) A/V

Chair: Julie R. Voss, Lenoir-Rhyne University

Melissa Adams-Campbell, Northern Illinois University

Amy Branam, Frostburg State University

Rachel Cope, Brigham Young University

Frank Kelderman, University of Michigan


Travelers, Tongues, and Talents in the Colonial Northeast (Verlest)

Chair: Walter Woodward, Connecticut State Historian and Associate Professor of History, University of Connecticut

“‘A Goodly Man,’ ‘That Black Rascal,’ and ‘A Thoroughly Wicked Fellow’: Indian and African Captives on the Northeast Coast, 1606-1622,” Andrew Lipman, Syracuse University

“The Spoken Frontier: Native Speech and Threatening Talk in the Northeastern Borderlands” Katherine Grandjean, Wellesley College

“The Rise and Fall of the New England Turpentine Trade, 1680-1750: How Huguenot Émigrés reshaped the New England Woodlands,” Strother Roberts, Bowdoin College

Respondent: Walter Woodward, Connecticut State Historian and Associate Professor of History, University of Connecticut


Early American Disability: I (Percival)

Chair: Sari Altschuler, University of South Florida

“’Where’s a Main Defect’: The Weak and Wounded Bodies of Anne Bradstreet’s Quaternions,” Lucas Hardy, Youngstown State University

“’Confined Unto a Low Chair’: The Particulars of Disability in Early American Miracle Stories,” Nicholas Junkerman, University of California, Berkeley

“’For the Relief of Ideots and Distracted Persons:’ The Perception and Care of the Mentally Disabled in Seventeenth-Century America,” Matthew A. Zimmerman, Macon State College

“A Founding Family Confronts Multiple Disabilities,” Elizabeth M. Nuxoll, Columbia University


Material Self-Fashioning in the Early Americas (Vernon)

Chair: Stacey Dearing, Purdue University

"The Psychology of Consumerism in Sally Wister's Journal," Melissa Antonucci, University of Tulsa

“Fashion Revolution: Women and Finery in the Haitian Revolution,” Amanda Runyan, Northeastern University

“Motherhood and Material Culture in the British Atlantic World,” Chloe Northrop, University of North Texas 

"'The Charms of a Lively, Enlightened and Cultivated Mind': The Material Self-Fashioning of Learned Femininity in Early National New York City" Alisa Wade Harrison, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York


Thursday 3:15-4:45

Session IV


Terrorism on the High Seas: Maritime Transgression and Transnationalism in the Early Americas (Ballroom A) A/V

Chair: Richard Frohock, Oklahoma State University

“Historical Memory and the Recasting of Blackbeard in Post-Revolutionary Anglo-American Narratives,” Richard Bond, Virginia Wesleyan College

“Inter-Colonial Politics and the New Wave of Piracy in the Revolutionary Caribbean,” Jeppe Mulich, New York University

“What the Sea Allows:  Emmanuel Appadocca's Radical Project of Resistance,” Elizabeth Kelly, University of Miami

The (Pregnant) Female Marine to the Female Pirate Mom:  The High Seas and Public Opinion about Unwed Teen Mothers in the Early Nineteenth Century,” LuElla D’Amico, Oklahoma State University

Respondent: Dan Williams, TCU


Early Americans Abroad: Touring, Cosmopolitanism, and Cultural Identity (Ballroom E/D) A/V

Chair: Barbara B. Oberg, Princeton University

“Let not my Eyes be Dazled”: Playing Both Sides of the Pond in Samson Occom’s England Journals,” Andrew J. Lopenzina, Old Dominion University

“The Material Culture of Colonial Travelers in Europe, 1750-1776,” Daniel Kilbride, John Carroll University

"Johnny Allen's Blue Suit: Cosmopolitanism, Anglicization, and Colonial Philadelphians on the Grand Tour," George W. Boudreau, Penn State University, Harrisburg


Before and After “The Text”:  Reading Front and Back Matter in Early American Writing: I (Ballroom F) A/V

Chair: Keat Murray, Swarthmore College

“Dating Mr. Penrose: Back Matter, Back Stories, and the First American Novel,” Sarah Wadsworth, Marquette University

“Stephen Calvert’s Unfinished Business,” Christopher Looby, University of California, Los Angeles

“Cholera Apocrypha:  Mapping Affect in 1832,” Sarah Schuetze, University of Kentucky


Intersections of Religious and Racial Identities in the Colonial Atlantic World (Verlest)

Chair: Rebecca Goetz, Rice University

"Colonial Georgia and the Evolution of George WHitefield's Pro-Slavery Thought," Jessica Parr, University of New Hampshire

“’The Idolatrous Procession, the Gumba’: Religion, Race, and Space in Early Eighteenth-Century Bermuda,“ Heather Miyano Kopelson, University of Alabama

“’A Redeemed Captive,’ ‘A Black Wench,’ and ‘A Poor Indian’: Imagining and Constructing Race in Eighteenth-Century Western Massachusetts," Richard A. Bailey, Canisius College

“The Older Cotton Mather’s Acceptance of The Chronology of Jacques Basnage,” Rick Kennedy, Point Loma Nazarene University


Early America and the Sea (Percival)

Chair: Heather Finch, Auburn University

"Treading Bodies: Life Preservers in Early American Maritime Culture," Liz Hutter, Metropolitan State University

"'The Real Peril of the Sailor': Managing Maritime Energies in Nineteenth-Century Reform Literature," Amy Parsons, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

"'The broken strain, the fearful sound': Sense, Sound, and Self-Making in the Writing of the Middle Passage," Danielle C. Skeehan Northeastern University

"'Painful and Perilous Navigation': Travel Narratives and Religious Identity in the New World," Sandra Slater, College of Charleston


Imagined Constructions of Community: Continuing Scholarship on Jonathan Edwards (Vernon)

Chair: Joy A. J. Howard, Saint Joseph’s University

“Jonathan Edwards’s Religious Affections: At the Intersection of History and Feeling,” Andrea Knutson, Oakland University

“The ‘Strange Revolution’ and the Aesthetics of Grace: Diversity, Exchanges, and Revolutionary Freedom,” Carole Stewart, Brock University

"Jonathan Edwards in the Time of Empire,” Wilson Brissett, United States Air Force Academy

“Reading Jonathan Edwards in Halle,” Jan Stievermann, Heidelberg University


Thursday 5-6:15

Session V



Early American Studies in the Neoliberal University Roundtable (Ballroom A) A/V

Facilitator: Lorrayne Carroll, University of Southern Maine

Rachel Boccio, University of Rhode Island

Ray Craig, Kent State University

Annette Kolodny, University of Arizona

Lisa Logan, University of Central Florida

Robert Naeher, Emma Willard School


Colloquy with Cristobal Silva on Miraculous Plagues:  An Epidemiology of Early New England Narrative (Ballroom E/D) A/V

Moderator: Dennis Moore, Florida State University

Matt Cohen, University of Texas, Austin

Kathleen Donegan, University of California, Berkeley

Pablo Gomez, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Justine Murison, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Cristobal Silva, Columbia University

Rebecca Tannenbaum, Yale University


International Approaches to Early American Studies (Ballroom F) A/V

Chair: Laura Stevens, University of Tulsa

Brycchan Carey, Kingston University, London

Marie-Jeanne Rossignol, Université Paris Diderot

Oliver Scheiding, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Bryce Traister, University of Western Ontario

Joanne van der Woude, University of Groningen


Thursday 6:30-7:30 RECEPTION (Windows)