The State of Early American Documents: Challenges for Teachers & Scholars in the 21st Century


Panel organizer: Raymond Craig, Kent State University


Participants are invited to this roundtable discussion of the state of early American texts. The primary goal of this panel is to discuss the availability of appropriate texts for scholarship and classroom use: if they are not, what are the remedies? What are the editorial expectations that we should have of early American texts for scholarship and classroom use? This discussion will encompass the present availability of texts and editions, the practical challenges of publishing in various material forms (digital/print), editorial theory and the actual labor of editing, and the currently available methods of publishing or distributing one’s editorial work.


Questions to be addressed include the following:


What, if any, particular challenges are posed in the changing state of publishing for the scholar and teacher of early American documents?

What needs to be edited at this point, and why?

What are the benefits and costs of various modes of publishing, ranging from university presses to online open access?


Send 250-word paper abstracts to Ray Craig at by Friday, September 7, 2012.