Anne Bradstreet at 400


Panel co-organizers: Elizabeth Ferszt,

                                     Ivy Schweitzer, Dartmouth College Ivy.Schweitzer@Dartmouth.EDU


The year 2012 marks the 400th anniversary of the English birth of New English writer, Anne Dudley Bradstreet. In the Anglo-American canon, she is considered the first poet, the first woman published, and the first truly transatlantic literary voice. This roundtable will offer a range of short presentations in order to stimulate conversation about teaching  and researching Bradstreet at the beginning of the 21st century. Some possible questions: Do we teach Bradstreet’s early work (the public sphere poems), as well as the more accessible, most anthologized private poems? And if so, how do we present the relationship between them in terms of publication or book history? What approaches have worked in this regard? What has become of the Bradstreet of feminist readings? Do we read/teach Bradstreet as a transatlantic writer, or in the context of other North or South American women/writers? Finally, what areas of Bradstreet’s poems and prose have not yet been illuminated by current meta-trends in literary studies, such as science/medicine, autonomy of body, sexuality, maternity, colony/sovereignty, queer theory, performance response, contemporary sources, hemispheric contexts, etc.

Please send abstracts of not more than 250 words to: Elizabeth Ferszt, or Ivy Schweitzer, Ivy.Schweitzer@Dartmouth.EDU