Department of Psychology

ASD Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder

AUPSC offers psychological evaluation services for children, adolescents, and young adults who are presenting with symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our evaluations help determine whether an individual meets diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder and provides information regarding the child’s behavior, emotional functioning, and adaptive skills. An important goal of the evaluation is to provide each family with appropriate recommendations for interventions and resources in the community.

Assessment fees are based on the instruments used, and do not exceed a total of $650. $80 is due at the first session, which is a diagnostic interview with the family. The remaining dues can be paid in installments at subsequent appointments. Typically, the evaluation is completed in two sessions. The final session will include comprehensive feedback regarding results, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations for services. AUPSC does not currently bill insurance. If you are interested in a diagnostic evaluation for Autism Spectrum Disorder or would like more information about our services, please call the AUPSC at 334-844-4889.  

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Last Updated: August 16, 2019