Success Stories

“She failed third grade! She is repeating this year. She has really struggled in math so we started making double trips and getting her once a week and practicing her homework and leaving her with things to practice while we were gone! This report card this year was the first time she's ever made a/B and her only B was in math! Which her mom said was the first time that had happened! She learned so much and just needed that confidence that she knew everything and has made such a change since! She's so excited about school and wants to be a teacher now!”

- Brianna Gwin

“I enjoy working with kids a lot, and that's what initially drove my interest with Project Uplift. The experience I gained from working with Malachi, Mariah and Zaria is what kept me doing it though. I don't think my college and future career would have had the same outcomes if I hadn't been part of Project Uplift.” :)

-Erin Conner

“I volunteered with Project Uplift as a way to build my resume and to gain experience working with kids. Along the way, I have gained more from Ashton than I ever thought, and also have benefitted from the friendship and good times more than I could ever imagine. It truly is an experience that everyone should have.”

-Sandy Vallee

“I joined project uplift mainly to help underprivileged children and make a new friend. It feels great to have such a large impact on a small child. I am here to help him as much as I can, in school, discipline, and many other things. Although I am here to help Ashton, I believe he has shown me just as much, if not more, as I have shown him. It is also beneficial to gain experience with children at an early age. Ashton is a great kid and helps me see the world from a different view than what I am used to.”

--Kramer Volkman

"Nya is the best older sister and is so kind to Jae and her baby sister KK. She likes to take pictures with Madison and I, and really likes swinging and singing in the car with us. Jae is the sweetest boy, who loves football and running around outside. He also likes making up games and is hilarious with the stories and songs he makes up on the spot. Melissa said, 'Nya and Jae constantlyremind both Melissa and myself of what is truly important in life, the importance of consistency, and the value of quality time'."

Melissa West & Madison Hutto

“For Judith and I, the most beneficial part has been to get to know Mike and Tyaunna. They bring so much joy into our lives, and it makes my day just to see them smile. They're huge goofballs who teach me to laugh and smile every day. For the kids, the most beneficial thing has been the companionship. They really look up to us and ask us questions about basically  everything. They truly desire to grow through this experience and that is so encouraging to us.”

Hannah Kathryn Harris

Last Updated: May 02, 2017