Department of Political Science

Welcome to the Family!

The Auburn University Health Administration Alumni Association is a family, with more than 2, 000 members living in 43 different states across the nation. The mission of the Health Services Administration is straightforward…to provide an opportunity for graduates, friends and current students, to affiliate with us and support the program throughout their lives.

There are many ways to be an active member of the AU HADM family:

  • Keep your contact information by completing Alumni Information Form.
  • Network with program grads in your area or in your field of work
  • Become a member of Auburn Health Services Administration Facebook Community
  • Help support program development and current students through designated giving to the Health Services Administration program
  • Donate frequent flyer miles for students to travel to internship and interview sites
  • Maintain contact with friends, former classmates and professors
  • Assist the program in student recruitment
  • Give to the Dr. Mark Burns-HAAO scholarship
  • Write letters of recommendation for graduate school applications

Program Alumni Top Ten Best Reads:

  • Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson
  • From Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell
  • Management Lessons From Mayo Clinic by Berry and Seltman
  • Health Care Reform by Jacobs and Skocpol
  • Built to Last by Collins and Porras
  • Blink by Malcom Gladwell
  • Tribal Leadership by Logan, King, and Fischer-Wright
  • The World is Flat by Thomas Fiedman
  • From Chump to Champ by David Benzel
  • How to Manage in a Flat World by Whiteley and Bloch

Last Updated: March 03, 2020