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Peer Advisor Wisdom with Taylor Miller

Published on Sep 04, 2018

Photo of Taylor Miller

Peer Advisor Wisdom
Name: Taylor Miller
Hometown: Sterrett, AL
Major: Law and Justice
Classification: Sophomore

Which class has been your favorite at Auburn so far?
My favorite class so far at Auburn has been my Introduction to Anthropology. Not only was the subject new and interesting to me, the teacher had such a passion for the subject, it made it easier to get excited about what I was learning. Also, it was an authentic Liberal Arts class so it was nice to be in a class with students who had similar interests to me. 

What is the best technology based resource at Auburn?
The best technology resource at Auburn is Canvas. Whenever I have free time after class, I go on there to see what assignments I need to do next. I am a planner and love to be organized so having a site where all my classes, due dates, and most of my grades are located is really helpful. I also love the calendar portion of Canvas because it places all my assignments for all my classes in one place and lets me get a look at my next week. Canvas is one of those websites where I am on it at least 10 times a day. 

What do you wish someone had told you before you started as a student at Auburn?
Before I came to Auburn, I wish someone had told me to join more organizations. My freshman year, I was only part of one organization. Though I loved it, I had so much free time I should have used to explore other options. With the hundreds of organizations on Auburn's campus, I would have been able to find other organizations that related to some of my interests. Getting involved is such an easy and fun way to not only learn Auburn University, but to also make new friends. 

Where are your favorite places to study on campus?
My favorite places to study on campus is the quiet zones in the Student Center and the library. I learned very quickly my first semester that I cannot study in my dorm room because it was easy to get distracted, but I still knew I needed a quiet area. With the quiet zones in the Student Center, it gave me the quiet I needed to focus  while also giving me the motivation to get stuff done. I also love to study in the library because it gets me in the head space for studying.

How do you balance your social and academic obligations?
Write everything down. Currently, I have my phone calendar for social obligations, a planner for school, and a wall calendar where I have both social and academic obligations. Though it is time consuming to have everything down and excessive, this way I cannot double book or forget an obligation. In high school, I never touched my planner, but that does not work in college. You have so many obligations between your classes, organizations, work, and friends, there is no way any one could remember everything. I also learned pretty early to update my calendars if it is required as soon as I learn about the change, such as a time change for a meeting. It is easy to get distracted after learning of the change so I make notes if a time changes.