Department of Political Science

Alumnus celebrates Alabama's bicentennial abroad

Published on Dec 12, 2019

Michael King, center, with his Kyrgz counterparts
Caption: Michael King, center above, and his Kyrgyz counterparts, Uulkan Kapyrjanova on the left and Dilorom Hasanbaeva on the right. King co-teaches classes with Kapyrianova and collaborates to build the capacity of the English program.

Michael King, a '19 Auburn alumnus, is a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English in Kyrgyzstan and just celebrated Alabama’s bicentennial by teaching his students Alabama history including the Civil War, the 1960s civil rights movement and more. Kyrgyz students were excited to learn about King's home and were fascinated by American/Alabamian traditions, particularly around sports and the famous people from Alabama they’ve heard of. 

King graduated in May 2019 with an undergraduate degree in political science and a minor in history. He says his Kyrgyz host brothers now know how to say “War Eagle” in English. 

King began his Peace Corps service in September 2019. He runs English language clubs and an American culture club for his students and hopes to run a club next summer to introduce students to American football. 

King says, “So far it has been a wonderful experience that has challenged me and made me grow in my appreciation of different cultures around the world and has helped me realize my own culture’s unique way of life.” He continues, “Alabama places a strong priority on public service and patriotism and those ideas were a big part of why I decided to go into the Peace Corps. Kyrgyzstan is a place that also holds all of those things in high regard as well. This made integration into my community very easy. Greeting people and paying attention to proper manners were not a stretch coming from the South.”