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Young Entrepreneurs Olivia Cook and Courtney Haun, Co-Founders of Snippety Snap, LLC

Published on Oct 31, 2019

Courtney Haun, left, and Olivia Cook
Courtney Haun, left, and Olivia Cook, co-founders of Snippety Snap. 

In a world of ever-changing technology and social media influences, documenting memories and taking photographs is more popular now than ever before. But what do you do when you are in the perfect setting for a photo and find that you have no one to snap your shot? Olivia Cook and Courtney Haun, Auburn graduates and co-founders of Snippety Snap, recognized this problem early on in their selfie-taking careers, and thus, Snippety Snap was born.  

Just as many entrepreneurs begin with a problem they aim to solve, Snippety Snap began no differently. Cook and her business partner Courtney Haun stated that “a lack of a personal photographer was the problem, so selfie stands were the solution.” Haun said that when she attended a conference at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center, she found herself stuck in a tough situation. Haun wanted a new headshot photo taken, but could not find anyone around to take it. Later, Cook approached Haun to ask if she wanted to enter Auburn University’s 2018 Tiger Cage Business Competition. When they began to discuss problems they had faced, and in turn, ideas to solve them, the two knew they had landed on something special.  

After sifting through many business ideas, Cook and Haun finally decided on creating a publicly available camera phone stand and integrated mobile application. By downloading the Snippety Snap app, users can find one of the many Snippety Snap camera phone stands at popular locations nearby, set their phone up on the stand, and pose for a picture while the Snippety Snap phone stand and phone application work together to snap the perfect shot. 

A year removed from the launch of Snippety Snap, Haun says the vision and trajectory of the business have changed while the mission and goals have remained the same. Haun says, “The vision for Snippety Snap has been an iterative process since day one. It is amazing to look back on the progression over the past year and see how much the business has changed and grown. Our initial prototypes for the Snippety Snap Stand and App are significantly different compared to our current models and continue to be developed along the way. However, we have made the changes with our mission in mind, “to inspire discovery, one photo at a time.”

Although Snippety Snap originally came to life through an entry into a business competition, the business has taken off and grown more than they ever thought it would. Haun and Cook describe a “moment of clarity in knowing that the business would take off” when at the end of the final round of the Tiger Cage Business Competition, the crowd recited their slogan along with them, showing that while the judges believed in their ideas, the audience did as well.

Cook and Haun both have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In the summer of 2018, Cook was selected from a national pool of applicants to be part of the prestigious WBENC Student Entrepreneur Program (SEP), a “premier startup program that fosters growth for the next generation of women-owned businesses through a tailored curriculum and mentoring from certified women-owned businesses and Fortune 500 companies.” Haun, on the other hand, owned an extremely successful business before beginning Snippety Snap. Later, Haun sold the company and began to direct her focus elsewhere.

Cook says that although both have had their fair share of entrepreneurial endeavors, this time around is different for both of them. "It’s been different because we are not doing it alone, but instead as a team.This has been not only a learning process but also rewarding in the fact that when we get big wins, we can celebrate together and also when we experience tough losses, we understand we do not have to bear the loss alone. For us, having a business partner who will be there makes the entrepreneurial journey one that is full of support and interestingly exciting!”

When asked what advice she would give to an up-and-coming entrepreneur, Cook said, “First, ask yourself if you are passionate. On social media, starting a business looks like a lot of fun (and oftentimes, it is). However, what many people do not show you are their failures, late nights, many (and I mean many) unread emails, and the growing list of to-dos. We have definitely faced some challenges throughout the process, but it was the persistence and consistency that helped us get over the hump.” 

For more information, visit Snippety Snap.


Written by Ally Shumpert | Sophomore majoring in Public Relations and Marketing | Student writer for the College of Liberal Arts | Auburn University