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Serving Those Who Served Us

Published on Oct 30, 2017

Photo combination with Morgan Dial on the left and Christopher Beamon on the right

{Pictured above: Morgan Dial, U.S. Navy and now a public relations major. And above right, Christopher Beamon, U.S. Army and now in the Master of Public Administration program.} 

Auburn University has a strong home base on campus for veterans. Services that were once hard to find and often unused are now more noticeable thanks to the work of the Veteran’s Resource Center. Currently, there are around 350 student veterans and 700 eligible military dependents that benefit from the resources offered by the center. 

Originally founded in 2010, it was first designed to increase support for and outreach to veterans enrolling in college after the Post 9/11 GI Bill took effect. Over the past seven years, however, they have expanded their efforts by sponsoring campus organizations and programs, identifying academic resources, providing financial advising, and giving professional, personal and career development services to our student veterans. 

Veterans and their families are provided with resources such as VA certification for multiple federal GI Bill programs and financial aid. However, the benefit most praised by students and staff alike is the sense of community the center provides for veterans who may be struggling to find their place at Auburn. 

College of Liberal Arts (CLA) academic advisor Andrea Young is the liaison to the Veteran’s Resource Center for the college and is the past recipient of an excellence award from the Auburn Student Veteran’s Association for her work.  

“My goal in this role is to assist our student veterans in achieving their academic goals while helping them navigate any challenges they may face,” Young said. “Additionally, I strive to help students navigate a seamless transition. It is an honor to serve in this role, as it provides me with the opportunity to serve those that have served our country.” 

Through her position, Young has the chance to interact with CLA student veterans like Christopher Beamon and Morgan Dial. Beamon is a College of Liberal Arts graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in public administration. He served in the Army for four years as a cargo specialist and was stationed in several different locations both at home and abroad.  

 “I chose Auburn’s Master of Public Administration program because it is nationally ranked and accredited and I was ready to come home,” said Beamon. He hopes to use his degree to take on a leadership role within the Department of Veteran Affairs, more specifically the Veterans Health Administration. “With an MPA I can work on the regional or healthcare side, or go into state or federal government.” 

Beamon has used the resources and guidance offered by the Veterans Resource Center and says he is most grateful for the community and friendships formed through the office.  

Morgan Dial is a junior in the College of Liberal Arts majoring in public relations. Before coming to Auburn, Dial spent four years in the Navy as a mass communication specialist. She served two deployments stationed aboard the USS Iwo Jims.  
“I joined the Navy to get real-world experience in mass communication and for free college to pursue a similar degree,” said Dial. She believes majoring in public relations will give her the educational background to continue growing in this field. 

“I am extremely pleased that our student veterans make such effective use of the resources available through the Veterans Resource Center,” CLA Dean Joseph Aistrup said. “The VRC helps CLA and the other colleges at AU provide the specific support that our veterans need to be successful at AU. We are proud of all of our veterans for all that they have done for our country and for what they contribute to the campus community. War Eagle.”  

For more information about the Veterans Resource Center, please call (334) 844-8167, or email

Written by Jaylin Goodwin, graduate student in the College of Liberal Arts