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Auburn's HADM bachelor's program ranked 3rd in the nation

Published on Mar 01, 2019

Top 25 badge image from Bachelor's Degree Center

Auburn University's Health Services Administration program ranked number three in the 25 Best Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration Degree Programs for 2019, according to Bachelor's Degree Center.

Auburn's degree program focuses on improving the lives of clients and patients within the healthcare industry. The 120-credit program provides the student with coursework in healthcare analytics, health sciences, public speaking, and managerial accounting. Most students will leave school with a good foundation in business management and ethics as well. Some believe health services administration is one of the fastest growing divisions of the US economy. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the HADM program is the first Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) accredited undergraduate program in Alabama.

In the modern healthcare system, qualified, experienced managers and administrators are essential. 
A bachelor’s in healthcare administration helps professionals make the most of their career. When considering Auburn University’s Bachelors of Science in Health Services Administration, it’s worth remembering that 96% of graduates are employed within six months. 

"It's very satisfying to see our hard-working faculty and high-achieving students in the Health Services Administration program be recognized on a national scale like this," said College of Liberal Arts Dean Joseph Aistrup.  

To rank the best bachelor of health administration and bachelor of healthcare management, 
Bachelor’s Degree Center compiled a list of accredited programs across the US that have built a reputation for quality, affordability, and job market success. Editors consulted the Association of University Programs in Health Administration to list accredited programs. Schools were then ranked according to four equally-weighted criteria:

    Reputation (Niche scores)
    Cost (IPEDS data)
    Graduate Employment (College Scorecard data)
    Graduation Rate (IPEDS data)

The combination of all four give prospective students a clear sense of which health management and administration programs are not only respected, but also have real-world results in helping students enter and advance in their careers.

The healthcare management career path is one of the fastest growing careers in the US. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for healthcare managers through 2026 is 20% – a much higher growth rate than most professions. A healthcare management career path starts with a bachelor’s degree before professionals typically go on to earn master’s level degrees. Career goals in healthcare administration can go as high as the executive suite of major healthcare corporations and hospitals – COO, CFO, CEO.

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