Department of Philosophy

Study Abroad in Rome, Summer 2017

Published on Oct 12, 2016


The AU Liberal Arts—Philosophy Program in Rome, Italy, offers students an opportunity to complete two upper-level undergraduate philosophy courses over five weeks in a beautiful international setting. The program is collaboration between the AU Office of International Programs, the AU College of Liberal Arts, the AU Department of Philosophy, and the University of Arkansas Rome CenterThe center hosts students from several American universities. This partnership proves beneficial, offering participants a chance to meet students from other universities and to help control the cost of the program.

Students will take two philosophy courses, taught by Auburn philosophy professors, for a total of 6 credit hours, all while studying in the University of Arkansas (UARK) Rome Center. The UARK Rome Center, housed in the Palazzo Taverna, is located in the very center of town near Piazza Navona (centro storico). Auburn students will be provided access (via swipe cards) to the Center’s, lecture halls, computer lab, and library. Additionally, the Center’s administrative staff will be providing all necessary assistance to our students. Previous knowledge of Italian language is not necessary and the program offers 16 hours of beginning Italian language instruction (Instructor Barbara Spacinni) to assist students in acclimating to their environment.    

Physical Requirements: Participants should be able to negotiate cobble stone streets, bus and train trips, and stairs. As with all of Europe, extensive walking to sites is common.
For more information, please go the the Study Abroad website.

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