Department of Philosophy

Conference 2017

9th Annual Conference: Moral and Aesthetic Conference

Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts and Humanities at Pebble Hill
Auburn, Alabama
March 23-24, 2017


This is a two day event. March 23-24, 2017.


Jorah Dannenberg, Stanford University

Julia Driver, Washington University in St. Louis

Louise Hanson, Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge 

Rob Hopkins, New York University

Jennifer Lockhart, Auburn University

Errol Lord, University of Pennsylvania

Patricia McShane, University of Portland

Ram Neta and Joshua Blanchard, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jon Robson, The University of Nottingham 

James Shelley, Auburn University


Thursday March 23, 2017

08:55 Opening remarks

9:00-10:15 Ram Neta and Joshua Blanchard (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "Moral Deference and the Stability of Moral Belief"

10:25-11:40 Patricia McShane (University of Portland), “Why is it Good to Give Moral Testimony?”

11:40-1:00 Lunch Break

1:00-2:15 Errol Lord (University of Pennsylvania), "Indirect Ways of Learning about Morality and Aesthetics: Deference, Inference, Appreciation, Expertise"

2:25-3:40 Jon Robson (The University Nottingham), “Taste and Assertion"

3:50-5:05 Julia Driver (Washington University in St Louis), “Aesthetic Worth"

5:30 Dinner at the Hound

Friday March 24, 2017

9:00-10:15 Jennifer Lockhart (Auburn University), “End Testimony" 

10:25-11:40 Jorah Dannenberg (Stanford University) "Serving Two Masters: Ethics, Epistemology, and Taking Others at Their Word” 

11:40-1:00 Lunch Break

1:00-2:15 James Shelley (Auburn University), "Aesthetic Acquaintance"

2:25-3:40 Louise Hanson (Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge), "Realist Pessimism: An Argument by Elimination"

3:50-5:05 Robert Hopkins (New York University), “Norms of Use”

Closing remarks

5:45 Wine Reception at the Ampersand Wine Bar

6:45 Dinner at Zazu


Keren Gorodeisky


AU Department of Philosophy
AU College of Liberal Arts
AU Philosophy Club

Conference Registration: Registration this year is complimentary. You only have to sign in, but not to pay anything. You can sign in by sending an e-mail to  Keren Gorodeisky.

Conference Location: Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts and Humanities at Pebble Hill

Accommodations: Speakers and guests will be staying at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center.

Auburn, Alabama: Auburn is located in east central Alabama, on I-85, 100 miles southwest of Hartsfield Jackson Airport, about 110 miles southwest of the center of Atlanta, and 40 miles east of Montgomery. In the area one may find such attractions as the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, the Martin Luther King Jr. historical district, FDR’s Little White House, Callaway Gardens, the first confederate White House, the Montgomery Civil Rights Memorial, the Rosa Parks Museum, the George Washington Carver Museum at the Tuskegee Institute, and the Blount Shakespeare Theatre.

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