Department of Philosophy

Auburn Philosophy Conference 2012

poster for conference

The Fourth Annual Auburn Philosophy Conference: Color and Philosophy


900-10           Coffee and Pastries  

10-1010         Opening Remarks

1010-11         Michael Watkins (Auburn University):
                        All the relationalism anyone should want

1110-12         Zed Adams (The New School):
                        The genealogy of colors
12-130           Lunch: Museum Cafe

130-220         Joshua Gert (William and Mary College):
                        Indeterminate determinables

230-320         Jonathan Cohen (UCSD): Ecumenicism, Comparability, and Color, or: how to have your cake and eat it, too

330-420         Larry Hardin (Syracuse University): Color science 25 years after Color for Philosophers

6:00                Dinner: Zazu’s




900-1010      Coffee and Pastries

1010-11         Berit Brogaard (University of Missouri, St. Louis): Centered properties and color primitivism

1110-12         Janet Levin (University of Southern California):
Strong representationalism and the inverted spectrum

12-130           Lunch: Museum Cafe

130-220         Brian McLaughlin (Rutgers University):
                        Filler versus role functionalism for color

230-320         Diana Raffman (University of Toronto):
                        Wandering colors

330-420         Alex Byrne (MIT) and David Hilbert (University of Illinois, Chicago): Color relationalism and color relativism

420-430         Closing Remarks

530                 Reception: Maestro’s

630                 Dinner: Maestro’s

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