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Auburn Philosophy Conference 2009

Auburn Philosophy Conference 09

The First Annual Auburn Philosophy Conference: On Beauty

March 5-7, 2009

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Thursday March 5, The R.B. Draughon Library Auditorium

Kelly Jolley, Auburn University
3:30 Derek Matravers, The Open University, " >Fitting Beauty into an Expressivist Theory of Value"
4:30 Katalin Makkai, Barnard College, "Kant on Beauty and Being in the World"
5:30 David Davies, McGill University, "Yes, Virginia, there is an Aesthetic Attitude!"


Reception at the Terra Cotta Cafe (415 E. Magnolia) hosted by the Auburn Philosophy Club (open to the public)


Friday March 6, The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

Keren Gorodeisky, Auburn University
9:30 Avner Baz, Tufts University, "Lines of Grammar between Kant and Wittgenstein"
10:30 Robert Hopkins, The University of Sheffield, "What is Wrong with Aesthetic Testimony?"
11:30 A.W Eaton, The University of Illinois at Chicago, "Trangression as an Aesthetic Value"
12:30 Lunch
Moderator Arata Hamawaki, Auburn University
2:00 Eileen John, The University of Warwick, "Self, Community, and Interest in Beauty"
3:00 Kenyote Address: Richard Moran, Harvard University, "Kant, Proust, and the Appeal to Beauty"

 Saturday March 7. The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

Guy Rohrbaugh, Auburn Univeristy
9:15 Franklin Bruno, "Beauty, the Predicative/Attributive Distinction, and Minimal Semantics"
10:15 Rachel Zuckert, Northwestern University, "What Kant does not have to Say about Art: is there Kantian Art Criticism?"
11:15 Aaron Meskin, The University of Leeds, "Two Kinds of Aesthetic Contextualism"
12:15 Lunch
Moderator James Shelley, Auburn University
1:30 Anna Christina Ribeiro, Texas Tech University, "Aeshtetic Luck"
2:30 Eli Friedlander, Tel-Aviv University, "Beauty: between the Pure and the Ideal"
3:30 Dominic McLver Lopes, The University of British Columbia, "The Myth of Aristic Value"

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