Peer Advisor Wisdom with Amelia Haas

Photo of Amelia Haas

Peer Advisor Wisdom 
Name: Amelia Haas
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Enterprise, AL
Classification: Senior

Where are your favorite places to study on campus?
I always gravitate towards the first floor of the library because I like being around activity and background noise. I also like that the library is located on an area of campus that is very close to my apartment so that I can walk home quickly without feeling stranded. In between classes I often end up on the third floor of the student center where there is less student traffic, and an even quieter alternative is to study inside the Student Involvement Office on the third floor. They have a large work area with high ceilings and lots of natural light which seems to instigate more productivity.  

Which class has been your favorite at Auburn so far?
One of my favorite things about psychology in the undergraduate environment is that no matter what elective I have chosen for a given semester, it always seems to become pertinent to my experience of the psychology curriculum. For example, in the spring semester of my sophomore year, I took an introduction to ethics class with Dr. (Tom) Lockhart. Like psychology, philosophy is also the practice of knowledge, and I found that in a time where I was questioning my motivation and struggling with procrastination (and the resulting anxiety), this class put forth the simplest solution: just find a way to be curious. Regardless of whether we were talking about the soul or denotations and connotations of wisdom, courage, and justice, I could feel my interest in the human mind exploding. It is a sentimental favorite for me, and I believe that taking it has improved my ability to theorize, think critically, and utilize intuition in the higher level psychology classes that I have had since. 

What is the best technology based resource at Auburn?
As a stressed out senior, it has not escaped me that effectively communicating my academic attributes and pertinent experiences is an important aspect when applying for job positions and graduate programs. Immediate, unbiased evaluation is critically underrated in the development of a resume that exhibits students to their greatest potential, even while it’s such an important factor when transitioning out of college. Enter, AU Career Services. I am a huge proponent of the online resume and cover letter evaluation program, VMock, that they have made accessible. Auburn students can log in with their university username and password, upload a PDF file of their resume, and receive really digestible algorithmic feedback; an entire process that takes me less than five minutes to complete over lunch. 

What do you wish someone had told you before you started as a student at Auburn?
From the way that people talked to me about the “college experience” when I was in high school, I had always inferred that you chose curriculum, extracurriculars, and jobs with your future self in mind. Over my first couple of years, the more I tried to plan my college experience based on an optimized version of my hypothetical future self, the more confused and unhappy I became with my present involvement around Auburn. College isn’t a suspension of time until you are your future best self in adulthood, or “real life”. Real life is happening right now and as a student at Auburn I have a unique chance to focus on curating my values and interests. So I wish someone had told me that I can let excitement about what I’m doing now inform my current self and my decisions about my future self. 

How do you balance your social and academic obligations?
The first thing I do each semester to keep in touch with friends and with my little sister (who also attends Auburn) is trade schedules so each of us know the common times we can meet for lunch or coffee. I also find it much easier to interact with people when I have active knowledge of specific tasks I need to complete and their deadlines. I keep an excel spreadsheet of my obligations and class schedule using a weekly planner template, and updating it often reminds me that I do actually have the time to spend with friends without feeling weighed down by academic responsibilities. It’s also helped me to know what my threshold is for classes and activities such that I can prevent myself from being overwhelmed when organizing my next semester.   


Last Updated: January 03, 2019