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Meet Akayla Todd, CLA Graduation Marshal for fall 2020

Akayla Todd will represent the College of Liberal Arts at its fall graduation on Saturday, Dec. 12 at Jordan Hare Stadium. Todd is graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychological sciences and law and justice. She plans to attend law school and has a passion for helping others. 

"Our students are forging ahead and graduating during one of the greatest health challenges of our time,” College of Liberal Arts Dean Joseph Aistrup said. “Like many of her peers, Akayla Todd has risen to the particular demands of this unusual year. She was the first person to declare a law and justice major, and she plans to attend law school after graduation. I wish Akayla all the best as she endeavors into law school, and I know she will continue to lead a noble and fulfilling life helping to advocate for those who seek her counsel.”

Learn more about the Auburn native in our interview below.

Would you please tell us about yourself? 
My name is Akayla Todd and I was born and raised in Auburn, Alabama. I am very family-oriented and knew I did not want to travel too far from home for college. This made Auburn the perfect fit for me. It also helped that I was familiar with the area and many of my high school friends were attending Auburn as well. When I first got to Auburn, I started as a pre-vet major; however, I quickly realized that, while I loved animals, my heart lied with helping people. I took a week to figure out what I wanted to change my major to, and I decided to change to psychology, which was what my mother has a degree in. I thoroughly enjoyed my psychology classes; however, I felt I wanted more for myself. At the same time, I stumbled across a touching documentary of a young man named Kalief Browder. After watching the documentary, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the legal field. I talked to my advisor at the time, and he told me about the law and justice major.

What has your Auburn experience been like?
My Auburn experience has been wonderful, and I would not trade it for anything. War Eagle!

You’d like to attend law school and become a lawyer in family or immigration law. Why is that important to you?
Helping others is my greatest passion, and I believe that practicing law, specifically family or immigration law, will allow me to fulfill this passion daily. In my time at Auburn, I've had a few opportunities to interact with both types of law. I have seen some of the hardships children and adults have faced while dealing with these types of law, and I believe I could help remove some of these hardships and make their lives better.

Do you think your CLA education has helped prepare you for those plans?
I believe my CLA education has helped to prepare me for the career path I have chosen. I believe the knowledge I have gained through courses and experiential learning experiences while at Auburn will help me become the best lawyer I can be!

What is your favorite Auburn tradition?
My favorite Auburn tradition is Hey Day. As an introvert, this long-standing tradition gave me an extra reason to speak to someone new and learn their name. I also enjoyed all the food, fun, and games on the campus green space.

What will you miss most about Auburn?
The one thing I will miss most about Auburn is all the relationships I have created. While here, I have been able to be a part of a host of organizations and form bonds with many professors, faculty, staff, and students. These relationships have helped shape my Auburn experience, and I will miss each person I have met, dearly.

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