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CLA welcomes new faculty this fall

The College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce the addition of 27 new faculty, lecturers and post-docs this fall.

“We continue to hire exceptional scholars, and I look forward to the new energy, innovative research and creative activity, and outstanding teaching practices they'll bring to our college,” said Dean Joe Aistrup.

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts!

Art & Art History

Sara Gevurtz, Assistant Professor
Millian Giang Pham, Assistant Professor

Communication & Journalism 

Mei-Ling McNamara, Lecturer, Journalism
Sally Spalding, Lecturer, Communication


Peng Shao, Assistant Professor


Justin Gardiner, Assistant Professor
Maria Kuznetsova, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Lecturer
Samantha Sommers, Lecturer
Jesse Goldberg, Visiting Research Fellow
Joseph Carson, Postdoc Teaching Fellow
Gayle Fallon, Postdoc Teaching Fellow
Jacob Soule, Postdoc Teaching Fellow
Kaitlin Staudt, Postdoc Teaching Fellow

Foreign Languages & Literatures

Julie Nelson, Lecturer, Spanish
Tingting Wang, Lecturer, Chinese


Aubrey Lauersdorf, Assistant Professor
Alicia Maggard, Assistant Professor


Lee Johnson, Professor
Jilla Webb, Professor of Practice


Loxley Compton, Lecturer


Brian Albanese, Assistant Professor
Jordan Macatee, Assistant Clinical Professor

Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

Shakita Brooks Jones, Assistant Clinical Professor, Social Work
Jennifer Slay, Assistant Clinical Professor, Social Work
Makeela J. Wells, Assistant Professor, Sociology


Andrew Schwartz, Assistant Professor

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