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Political science student lands internship with Department of Defense

Victouria Midkiff completed an internship with the Department of Defense with help from CLA Career Services and our internship scholarship. Here is her story.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a senior majoring in political science. I'm also a first generation college student from Echo, Alabama. This past summer I got the amazing opportunity to intern with the Department of Defense in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs.

How did you find out about your new internship?

I discovered this opportunity through one of my sorority sisters. She put me in contact with someone in the department, and they sent me the application to apply.

Did CLA Career Services help you prepare for your internship?

One thing that CLA Career Services did to help my journey, beyond the scholarship I was awarded, was put me through an dining etiquette seminar. I pretty much thought I knew all the basics of eating with proper manners, but there was much more to it than I thought. I was so glad I had this opportunity as it came in very handy in Washington, DC.

How was your internship experience?

My experience overall was nothing shy of amazing. After the initial shock and learning how to navigate the city, I had a blast and learned so much at my internship. I am forever grateful for the help CLA Career Services provided me.

What has been your favorite experience at Auburn?

My favorite experience at Auburn was, hands down, winning last year's Iron Bowl. The feeling of storming the field after a huge win with your closest friends in a place that you love can never be forgotten.

Do you have any advice for other students seeking internships?

So, my advice to other students seeking internships would be to explore every opportunity. If someone remotely mentions helping you in your career path, or mentions they have a connection that could help you, follow up with them. You never know where your next opportunity could come from. With this being said, don’t forget to enjoy the good moments here at Auburn, because you are thinking about the future. You have your whole life to build a career, but you only have four(ish) years here at Auburn. Make time for the moments you will remember.

Congratulations Victouria! We are so proud of you. You, too, can gain a job or internship with the help from CLA Career Services. Visit our website to learn more.

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