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Media studies graduate headed to graduate school thanks to CLA Career Services

Miranda Wolno, a recent CLA graduate, is headed to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) for graduate school thanks to help she received from CLA Career Services. Here is her story.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Miranda Wolno, and I am from Charlotte, NC. I graduated from Auburn University in August 2020. While at Auburn, I received a bachelor's degree in media studies and a minor in English—technical and professional communication. I am starting graduate school at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in January 2021 where I will be focusing on receiving a Master of Arts in television and film. My biggest dream is to become an editor or producer for film or live entertainment one day.

How did you find out about your acceptance to graduate school?

I actually found out about my acceptance to SCAD through an email. I woke up every morning and would refresh it throughout the day anxiously awaiting an admissions decision. The morning of my acceptance, I was barely awake when I read the email and the word “congratulations” shot my eyes wide-open. I screamed and ran to my mom to tell her the big news—it definitely woke me up in the best possible way that day!  

Did CLA Career Services help you prepare for graduate school or achieve your graduate school goals?

I cannot thank CLA Career Services enough for all the wisdom and resources they provided to me while at Auburn and continue to give me as an alumna of this amazing university. All the job fairs, mock interviews, career communities, and many more phenomenal services, truly gave me so much confidence in myself to always go for it and apply to graduate school. I also cannot thank my mentor, career coach, professor, and friend Marianne McCarley enough for her outstanding support and advice. Trust me when I say, if you need guidance, go to your career coach because they know exactly what they are talking about—be sure to use these resources while you can!

How has your experience been?

Although I begin my master's program in January of 2021, my experience thus far has been extremely positive. I created and have maintained a well-established relationship with my admissions advisor. If I have any questions, I immediately hear back from her and receive an answer. SCAD offers many resources to their prospective students, so I felt it was important to attend all the virtual workshops, admissions meetings, and even the virtual film festival. Because every resource is so incredibly important, I would recommend utilizing as many as you can if you are considering graduate school.

What advice would you give other students who are looking to apply for graduate school?

My advice to anyone considering graduate school and looking to apply would be to just go for it! The worst thing anyone is going to tell you is “no,” so why not put yourself out there—you may even surprise yourself with the amount of opportunities that come your way. Look for programs that best suit your interests and skills as a student and where the best stepping stones for a successful career could be. While at Auburn, if you are ever unsure or feel “stuck,” seeing a CLA career advisor will make all the difference. Utilize every resource you have, because they are there for a reason and everyone just wants to see you succeed. Finally, just remember to breathe. Successful careers aren't made overnight. But you’ve definitely got this!

Congratulations, Miranda! You, too, can land the graduate school of your dreams with the help of CLA Career Services. Make an appointment with your CLA career coach on Handshake today!


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