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Double major secures internship with Department of Justice

Brooke Bartley is a recent recipient of the Educational Enrichment Scholarship for Internships. Below is her story:

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Green Bay, WI (Go Pack Go) and moved to Auburn in 2017 with my dog, Abby. I'm currently a senior double majoring in Spanish and law and justice. In my future career I want to go into law enforcement and investigate child abductions or work with human trafficking victims along the southern border.

How did you find out about your new internship?

I found my internship by just scrolling through different federal agencies' websites. I knew for my internship that I did not want to intern at a law firm and push papers or do coffee runs. Also, I began to feel like law school may not be my next step so I thought I should take a risk with my internship and get a feel if law enforcement was a possibility. My advice is, if there is a federal agency that interests you, go look at their page for internship opportunities.

Did CLA Career Services help you prepare for your internship?

Brittany Kennedy and Jennifer Herrit were such great help—everything from critiquing my resume and cover letter to providing me with information on scholarships to help offset any costs. The internship scholarship helped so much in paying for rent because (surprisingly) rent is not cheap in West Virginia. The staff in CLA Career Services are the student’s biggest cheerleaders and were so enthusiastic when I gave them updates on my application status.

How was your internship experience?

My experience interning with the Department of Justice was more than I could have imagined, even when dealing with Covid-19 issues. The internship itself is very competitive and Covid-19 further limited the number of interns they took, so I felt very proud to be one of those interns they saw something in. I worked in West Virginia with the NICS unit which helps determine who is federally prohibited from owning a firearm. In this time of unrest in our country gun sales have spiked, so it was amazing to watch how the team dealt with the pressure. We also got briefings every Tuesday and Thursday about different careers in the agency, which helped inspire my new goal of working on a child abduction team.

What has been your favorite experience at Auburn?

One of my favorite experiences here at Auburn was when the men's basketball team made it to the Elite 8 and I was downtown with my dog and friends. Just seeing Toomer's rolled to a state of white out and everyone uniting around Auburn just made me love the community here.

Do you have any advice for your fellow students seeking internships?

My advice is don’t be afraid to look at your dream company to see if they have internships. Also, believe in yourself or else you will get nowhere. At the beginning of my internship I felt like I was an imposter and wasn’t good enough, but they had over 14,000 applications and they picked me so there must've been something. Once I finally believed that I earned my spot there I felt more confident in asking for bigger projects, which my supervisor happily gave me.

Congratulations, Brooke! You, too, can receive a scholarship that helps you get one step closer to your internship goals. Visit the Educational Enrichment Scholarship for Internships webpage for more information and to apply.

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