Department of Music


If you plan to major in music (or double major) in the following degree programs, you will need to complete a successful audition for admission into the Department of Music.

Music Performance

Music Education

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The audition serves for both entrance/placement and for scholarship consideration.

A student is limited to two attempts, one year apart, to complete a successful audition for acceptance into the Department of Music.

If you need to audition, you must apply to the Department of Music through Acceptd, and either submit a video recording or perform a live audition by February 1. See details below. ‚Äč

If you plan to audition for the Department of Music, you must apply to Auburn University by the following dates:

  • December 1- Receive Academic Scholarship Consideration from the University 
  • February 1- University Acceptance without Academic Scholarship Consideration
  • Department of Music Audition Day is Saturday, January 21, 2023. 


Live auditions will only be scheduled if you have been accepted into the University.


Live auditions are preferred. Video auditions will only be accepted with approval from your applied teacher. 

Music Major Application. 


Flute: Virginia Broffitt Kunzer

Oboe: Siobhan Ciulla

Bassoon:Matthew Huff

Clarinet: David Odom

Saxophone: Michael Pendowski

Trumpet: Emery Harvison

Horn: William Schaffer

Trombone: Matt Wood

Euphonium / Tuba: Evan Kelsick

Percussion: Doug Rosener

Strings: Guy Harrison

Voice: Rosephanye Powell

Voice, Commercial: Jilla Webb

Piano: Jeremy Samolesky

Comp/Tech: Lee Johnson



Woodwind: David Odom

Brass: Emery Harvison

Percussion: Doug Rosener

Voice: Rosephanye Powell

Voice, Commercial: Jilla Webb

Strings: Guy Harrison

Piano: Jeremy Samolesky

Comp/Tech: Lee Johnson

For ensemble auditions (instrumental or vocal), please visit the Ensembles. 


Note- Students auditioning for the Commercial Music degree should look under the following headings for audition requirements: Voice, Strings (guitar and electric bass), and Percussion.

Last Updated: August 23, 2022