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Composition / Technology Requirements


The procedure of auditioning for the Bachelor of Music in Composition and Technology degree is the three-step process outlined below:


Complete the Embark audition form found on the Auburn Department of Music website.


Submit compositional work.

  • Composition and Technology Audition
    • Each applicant must audition with a minimum of three compositions
    • At least two of these must be original compositions and must be fully notated as a pdf score
    • No applicant should submit more than five compositions
  • One of these three submitted compositions can also be
    • A recording only without a score
    • A song or a beat without a score
    • A collaborative work - provided the applicant is a significant musical contributor
    • A media production that includes original music and/or original sound design
  • Recordings
    • Each submitted pdf score must be accompanied by a full recording
    • These recordings can be from a live or studio performance, from exported and mixed MIDI, or from a hybrid production
  • Other kinds of submittable recordings
    • Songs, beats, as well as other media productions that may be submitted by the applicant should demonstrate reasonable proficiency with studio production, audio editing, and mixing techniques. It is not implied or required that any submissions be mixed and/or mastered by a professional engineer. 

All work is to be submitted to Professor Lee Johnson at


Instrumental or Vocal Competency Audition

  • You have three options from which to choose
  • Attend the Department of Music audition day on January 30, 2021.
  • Schedule an audition with Prof. Lee Johnson between October 1, 2020 and January 29, 2021
  • Upload a video to your Embark application

Traditional Performance Submissions

If you choose to audition on a traditional band or orchestra instrument, or on voice, you must submit a piece that fully demonstrates your overall technical and musical ability. Your selection should be a published piece and not an arrangement/adaptation that you may have done. This submission must be an unedited video recording of your performance. Your submitted video should focus on the quality of your performance and on the recorded sound. 

Commercial Performance Submissions

If you are a commercial or multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, or session player, you may choose to submit material that demonstrates your commercial music skills. Recording studio and recording session performances of your instrumental or vocal abilities are allowed but are handled slightly different than the Traditional Performance submissions. 

For example, if you are going to audition on a fretless bass or an electric guitar you would make a video recording of yourself playing the instrumental part of the complete song without stopping. You can leave the other instruments in the audition mix, but be sure that the level of your audition track has been raised to be louder than normal. 

Each additional commercial instrument performance would be done the same way if you wanted to audition as a multi-instrumentalist. You do not need to have written the music that you submit for your Commercial Performance audition. You can do an arrangement or a cover. You are limited to a maximum of three commercial instruments for your audition.


Additional information and answers to FAQ’s

  • The submitted works should demonstrate a range of musical styles
  • Please do not send any Finale, Sibelius, Muse Score, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or any other music notation or DAW files or formats
  • All scores should be sent as pdf files only
  • Audio files should be sent as Wave or mp3
  • Links to YouTube or Sound Cloud can submitted as long as the submitted links can be played without requiring a password
  • Film scores and video submissions are allowed as long as the YouTube link can be played without requiring a password
  • The film that is chosen does not need to be original or owned by the student. Hollywood feature films can be used for educational purposes such as these under the Fair Use clause of the US Copyright Law. Your submitted Composition and Technology audition will not be used or shared to anyone outside the audition committee. All submitted files are deleted after the audition process is completed.

Additional information about content

A submitted film may not contain any mature or explicit content that would require the film to have an R or Adult Rating.  There are no exceptions to this policy. Game-play scoring from a video game must follow the same content guidelines as found in film scoring. Marvel Comics style chase and fight scenes are usually not considered mature. 


For more information please contact:

Lee Johnson


Composition and Technology

Auburn University

Last Updated: July 09, 2020