Department of Music


Group classes are provided twice a week for beginner string players in grades 3-5 and ​woodwind and brass players in 5-6 grades.  
​All classes are held at the Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center.

​An important aspect of the program is an affordable fee to make the program available to students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.  A limited number of partial financial scholarships are available based on financial need.

As part of our commitment to music education, the majority of our lessons and group classes will be taught by undergraduate music and music education majors under the supervision of Auburn University Music Project Director Dr. Guy Harrison. Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to learn new skills and test their roles as professionals in a supervised environment.

For more information about the Auburn Youth Orchestra, click here.

Group classes are provided for beginner and intermediate string players starting in 3rd grade. Beginner Classes meet twice a week for 90 minutes & Intermediate Classes meet once per week for 90 min along with an individual 30 min studio lesson once per week.
Private lessons are now available for students that are currently playing a string, wind, or brass instrument. For more information about private lessons please contact

Last Updated: August 09, 2019