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The Leadership Minor is an interdisciplinary minor that allows students to develop their personal leadership skills and apply those skills to their field of study. The courses offered through the Leadership Minor allow students to tailor their coursework to complement any major and help prepare students for their future career.

Students pursuing the Leadership Minor will select from a menu of courses that include a variety of subjects and topics related to leadership development. 

Requirements for the Leadership Minor are 15 credit hours (selected from 5 competency areas) and 9 hours must be at 3000 level or higher.

Leadership Minor competency areas include:

  • LEAD 2000: Foundations of Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Civic and Social Responsibility
  • LEAD 4000: Leadership in Practice

For additional information, including a full list of course offerings visit or contact Julia Wiard at

"The leadership minor has allowed me to develop a better understanding of myself and to expand my learning outside of my major. It is a fantastic experience that I would recommend to all students at Auburn." -Nathan, Mechanical Engineering

 Leadership Minor

Sustainability Studies

The mission of academic sustainability programs is to support and encourage interdisciplinary teaching and research programs that incorporate sustainability principles in all academic units on campus, and to enhance interaction between campus operations and academic activities in sustainability.

For more information contact Dr. Nanette Chadwick.

 Sustainability Minor

Information and Cyber Analysis

Cyber is more than a computer network, but also a realm of numerous social processes that includes legitimate and illegitimate activities. The increasing complexity of technology for cyber security, information assurance and critical infrastructure require personnel capable of dealing with complex data sets and that have problem solving skills which transcend traditional academic boundaries. This interdisciplinary program is designed to meet the educational needs of the students by providing wide exposure to analytically-oriented classes throughout the university.

For more information contact Dr. Greg Weaver.

 Information and Cyber Analysis Minor

Last Updated: March 06, 2019