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What skills can a History degree teach me?
A degree in History can prepare you for a variety of careers precisely because it equips you with a number of valuable skills, such as:
  • Study skills
  • Note-taking skills
  • Researching skills
  • Writing and editing skills
  • Organizational and time-management skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Cultural literacy and historical perspective
What are the general requirements for a History degree?
In addition to the College of Liberal Arts' requirements for graduation, the History Department mandates 120 total semester hours for the history major. The student must take COMM 1000 and an 8 hour sequence of a foreign language. He or she must complete both semesters of either World History or Technology and Civilization. Transfer students who have completed the core history requirement at another college or university will receive full credit for the core requirement even if they are not world history courses.


History majors are required to take 33 hours above the core requirement. These include any two (not necessarily in sequence) 2000 level courses, 12 hours at the 3000 level, and 9 hours at the 5000 level. At least 3 hours of these courses must be on non-US and non-European topics. Majors must also complete HIST 3800 (Historian's Craft) and HIST 4930 (Senior Thesis), which teach students how to do historical research and write a scholarly paper. These two courses cannot be completed in the same semester. Historian's Craft must be successfully completed with a grade of C or better before a student can enroll in Senior Thesis and must be passed with a grade of D or better before a student can enroll in any HIST course at the 5xxx level.


For more information on these requirements, students can consult the History Major page and the AU Bulletin.
Can my AP History scores count toward my degree?
AP US, World, or European History scores of a 4 or better can help to satisfy either one or two semesters of the core history requirement.
What are the requirements for a History minor?
History minors are required to take 15 hours above the core requirement. These hours include 6 hours of 2000 level courses and 9 hours at the 3000 and/or 5000 levels. Historian's Craft and Senior Thesis are not required to complete a History minor.
Can I take Historian's Craft and/or Senior Thesis over the summer?
No, neither is offered over the summer semester.
When should I take Historian's Craft?
The History Department encourages students to enroll in Historian's Craft as soon as possible after officially declaring a History Major. This course teaches students skills relating to historical research and writing that are necessary in 3000 and 5000 level History courses.
Do I have to take any classes in sequence?
Yes. While you can register for courses at the 1000, 2000, and 3000 level at any point in your studies, history majors must complete HIST 3800: Historian's Craft before they can take HIST 4950: Senior Thesis or any course at the HIST 5000 level. Students must see the Undergraduate Adviser to be placed in a HIST 3800 or HIST 4950 class.
What courses are available at Auburn?
The History Department offers courses covering a wide variety of subjects with offerings in American, European, Latin American, Asian, African American, Greco-Roman, Medieval, Russian/Soviet, women’s, and technological histories. For a complete list of previously offered classes in the History Department, see the Courses page or check in the AU Bulletin. The classes offered each semester vary based on staff availability and interest level.
I see a class on the course list that isn't offered this semester. Why?
The courses that are offered vary from semester to semester based on the professors' availability and other factors. The professor who normally teaches this course could be teaching other classes or may be away on temporary research leave.
How many Special Topics courses can I take for credit toward my major?
You can take two at the 3000 level and two at the 5000 level. You may not be able to earn credit towards graduation for courses beyond these limits.
Do I have to pick an area of history on which to focus my studies, or can I just take the courses with subjects that interest me?
The Department recommends that majors not limit themselves to a certain focus, but that they instead broaden their knowledge as much as possible and take classes revolving around a variety of places, time periods, and approaches.
Are there any Auburn Abroad programs offered in History?
No, but there are a variety of study abroad programs offered through the University and through other organizations. If you have further questions concerning studying abroad, feel free to explore the Auburn Abroad website or visit their office located in 242 Foy Hall.The History Department does have a scholarship to support study abroad through Auburn programs. Learn more about the Julia M. Kerlin Study Abroad Scholarship on the department's undergraduate awards and scholarships page.
What kind of job opportunities are available to a History major?
One of the primary concerns for students, and especially their parents, is career opportunities for those with a degree in History. Most believe that history majors teach or go to graduate school, but these are not the only options available. The knowledge gained by and the skills learned through pursuing a History degree are important to numerous 21st century jobs. Many Auburn graduates have gone onto distinguished careers in varied fields including:
  • Archival and Museum Work
  • Foreign Service
  • Athletics
  • Banking
  • Military
  • Business
  • Politics
  • Civil Service
  • Public Administration
  • Educational Administration
  • Public Relations
  • Book Industry

A History degree will also prepare you for many graduate or professional school programs including: History, Law, Medicine, and Theology. For more information, see the History department web page What You Can Do With a History Degree.
Are there any pre-law recommended history courses?
Yes, HIST 2010/2020 (Survey of US History), HIST 3670 (Contemporary History), HIST 3080 (The Civil Rights Movement), and HIST 5070 (Modern US History) are all recommended pre-law courses. For more information on the pre-law program at Auburn, visit their web page or contact the pre-law advisor, Dorothy Wells-Littleton, in 8030 Haley Center.

Last Updated: August 16, 2016