Digital History @ Auburn

Auburn faculty and graduate students are involved in a growing number and range of digital projects humanities projects. Following is a sample of projects with origins in Auburn University's History Department.


PACERS Digital Archive

PACERS Inc. is a non-profit organization which supports rural schools, providing a network to share resources and ideas in rural schools in Alabama in order to maintain their viability. Undergraduate and graduate students in Auburn's Digital Archives program, working with Auburn Digital Projects Librarian Midge Coates and Archival Program Officer Reagan Grimsley, have developed a digital database documenting the history of this organization and of rural schools and communities in Alabama. In addition, the Archival program is working with PACERS to support the physical conservation of their historical documents. Funding for this project includes an Auburn College of Liberal Arts Academic Enrichment Scholarship and an Auburn College of Liberal Arts Community and Civic Engagement Project Support Grant. This project is a collaboration the Auburn University Department of History, the Auburn University College of Liberal Arts, and Auburn University Libraries, and PACERS, Inc. 


Auburn University Virtual War Memorial

The Department of History maintains a site to commemorate members of the Auburn family who have lost their lives serving the United States. It includes memorial pages for each individual. Based on extensive research in government and university records, the site is continually updated. As such, we encourage members of the Auburn family and the public to contribute information to help complete the memorial and to share their memories of individuals memorialized here.

USDA Forest Service Oral History Project

Graduates and undergraduates in Auburn's courses on Public History, working in collaboration with the US Forest Service, conducted, transcribed, and analyzed oral histories with  U.S. Forest Service (USFS) Southern Region employees. The site includes full audio recordings and transcriptions as well as blogs, podcasts, research syntheses, and a short film, all created by students.

Mrs. Russell Sage Digital Collection

Auburn's Digital Library includes a documents and images collected from archives around the country relating to the life and work of Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage (Mrs. Russell Sage), a ruling-class woman who created a new identity for herself in Gilded Age and Progressive Era America. A wife who derived her social standing from her robber-baron husband, Olivia Sage worked as an advocate for the rights of women and the responsibilities of wealth.

Encyclopedia of Alabama

The Encyclopedia of Alabama is a free online reference work on the state's history, culture, geography, and natural environment. EOA is a continually updated and expanded resource, enhanced with graphics, video, and audio. The Encyclopedia of Alabama is the product of a partnership between the Alabama Humanities Foundation and Auburn University.

Last Updated: August 02, 2016