American History

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Auburn University’s history department enjoys a large number of faculty whose primary research and teaching interests focus geographically on the United States of America. For chronological focus, our faculty spans the 18th to the 21st centuries, with particular strengths in the colonial and Early Republic periods, antebellum and Civil War history, and the history of the modern US. Topically, our faculty strengths include (but are not limited to) Native Americans, American religion, slavery and Civil War, urban history, aerospace and aviation history, African American history, southern history, labor history, gender and women’s history, and the history of technology. Methodologically, historians in this cluster include specialists in ethnohistory, oral history, textual history, material culture, social history, cultural history, and public history.

Departmental faculty members also cooperate with interdisciplinary programs in the College of Liberal Arts such as Africana Studies, Women’s Studies, and Religious Studies.

See below for more information about faculty associated with American History.

  • Melissa Blair

    Melissa Blair

    Associate Professor
    U.S. women & gender; 20th-century U.S. politics; history of feminism
    (334) 844-6645
    309 Thach Hall
  • Jennifer E. Brooks

    Jennifer E. Brooks

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
    20th-century South
    (334) 844-4287
    311 Thach Hall
  • David C. Carter

    David C. Carter

    Hollifield Associate Professor of Southern History
    Civil rights movement, American South since the Civil War, and U.S. history since 1945
    (334) 844-6859
    308B Thach Hall
  • James R. Hansen

    James R. Hansen

    Professor Emeritus
    Aerospace history, history of technology
  • Keith S. Hebert

    Keith S. Hebert

    Associate Professor and Public History Program Officer
    Museum studies, Historic preservation, Digital history, Oral history, Cultural resource management, Antebellum and Civil War Era South
    (334) 844-4358
    313 Thach Hall
  • Charles A. Israel

    Charles A. Israel

    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of History
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. American cultural and intellectual history, including the history and religion of the American South.
    (334) 844-2188
    331 Tichenor Hall
  • Adam Jortner

    Adam Jortner

    Goodwin-Philpott Professor of Religion
    Early American republic, American religious history, history of the supernatural
    (334) 844-7736
    306A Thach Hall
  • Kelly Kennington

    Kelly Kennington

    Associate Professor
    African American history, history of the American South, Legal history, and U.S. history from the colonial period until 1865
    (334) 844-7775
    320B Thach Hall
  • Monique Laney

    Monique Laney

    Associate Professor
    U.S. immigration history, history of science & technology, memory studies
    (334) 844-4347
    327 Thach Hall
  • David Lucsko

    David Lucsko

    Professor and Department Chair
    History of technology, transportation history, history of manufacturing, environmental history
    (334) 844-4328
    315 Thach Hall
  • Alan Meyer

    Alan Meyer

    Associate Professor
    Aerospace and aviation history, gender and women's history, military history, history of technology and science, social history
    (334) 844-4331
    306B Thach Hall
  • Kenneth W. Noe

    Kenneth W. Noe

    Draughon Professor of Southern History
    American Civil War and Appalachian history
    (334) 844-6626
    314 Thach Hall

Last Updated: November 16, 2015