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Sadegh Foghani

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Sadegh Foghani is a historian of science and technology. He received his PhD in History from the University of South Carolina and his BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran. His dissertation, Ayatollahs and Embryos: Science, Politics, and Religion in Post-Revolutionary Iran, explores the development of reproductive biomedicine, stem cell, and animal biotechnology since the early 1990s in Iran. 

When he was conducting his dissertation research, he found many revealing stories involving Iranian STEM workers who live(d) outside Iran. These stories encouraged him to study the diasporic community of Iranian STEM professionalsin the United States and elsewhere.In the summer of 2015, he made a research trip to California, supported by the Persian Studies Program at San Jose State University, to conduct archival research at the Hoover Institution (Stanford University) and interview three Iranian STEM professionals. Further, the award of a travel fellowship by the University of South Carolina allowed him to go (in the spring of 2016) to Paris and Nantes, France to investigate the life and career of Mehdi Bazargan, who was awarded a governmental scholarship to continue his education at École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures in Paris in 1928, and who later became the first prime minister of post-revolutionary Iran. His research investigates the role that Bazargan’s engineering background, French education, and American Pragmatism played in the formation of his religious and political thought. In the summer of 2019, Dr. Foghani will be conducting research at Linda Hall Library, to further explore the relationship between American Pragmatism and the development of religio-political thought of Mehdi Bazargan. His major activity will be to examine the Charles S. Peirce Papers.

As these projects highlight, his research interests include nation-building, identity-formation, and diaspora studies at the intersection of modern Iranian history and history of science & technology. 

Dr. Foghani joined Auburn University’s Department of History in the fall of 2018. At Auburn, he teaches Technology & Civilization I & II. 


2018, PhD, History, University of South Carolina

2012, MA, History, Iowa State University

2008, MSc, Science and Technology Studies, University of Malaya, Malaysia. 

2006, BSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran.

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