Department of History

Michael S. Melancon

Born and raised in New Orleans, Melancon took his undergraduate history degree at Loyola University, New Orleans, and his MA and PhD in Russian history at Indiana University. His publications have focused on the Russian Revolution, the Socialist Revolutionary Party, and aspects of Russian social, labor, and political history between 1900 and 1918.

Among his recent publications are, Russia in the European Context, 1789-1914: A Member of the Family (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005), co-edited with Susan McCaffray, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and his book The Lena Goldfields Massacre and the Crisis of Late Tsarist State (Texas A&M University Press, 2006). His European history reader, Nineteenth Century Europe: Sources and Perspectives from History (Longman) appeared in 2007 and accompanies Michael Melancon and John C. Swanson's Modern Europe: Sources and Perspectives from History (2003). Scheduled for publication is a third and, presumably, final reader, Europe in Transition: Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Sources. During research leave, under various auspices, that began during the spring of 2008 and continued through fall, Melancon wrote and submitted for publication three articles: "Revolutionary Culture in the Early Soviet Republic: Communist Executive Committees versus the Cheka, Fall 1918," "Feeding Hungry Moscow and Developing Prodrazverstka: Peoples Commissar Sereda's Expedition to Orlov Province, Fall 1918," and "From the Head of Zeus: The Petrograd Soviet's Rise and First Days, 27 February-2 March 1917." He is also working on two book manuscripts, one with the provisional title The Left Socialist Revolutionaries: Russia 1917 and a second about Russian political culture during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Melancon also serves as a co-editor of the Wildman Series, a monograph series issued by Slavica Publishers (Indiana University) that focuses on the revolutionary experience in Russia.

Last Updated: May 23, 2019