Teaching Assistantships

Financial aid is available to a select number of graduate students in the form of Graduate Teaching Assistantships, which carry a tuition waiver and stipend. Stipends are granted on a nine-months basis, beginning in August. From Fall 2013, however, tuition waivers can be used in summer as well during spring and fall semesters. Masters students are eligible to hold assistantships for two academic years and doctoral students who completed the M.A. in History elsewhere are eligible for four academic years. For students in the direct-track doctoral program maximum eligibility is five academic years.

Assistants are generally assigned to professors teaching undergraduate core survey courses, although doctoral students may be assigned other teaching duties (including sometimes, in the case of senior doctoral students, independent teaching responsibilities) according to departmental needs. In general, assistantships require a commitment of approximately 13 hours a week. Additional details relating to the duties of graduate assistants can be found in the Department's Graduate Handbook.

Teaching assistants who do not make satisfactory progress in the program or who do not perform satisfactorily as assistants will lose their eligibility for funding.

Assistants do not normally work for the Department over the summer and are instead advised to use this time for independent research and study. A very limited number of paid teaching opportunities are sometimes available for the summer terms. Eligibility for these appointments is based on seniority, academic record, and past performance as a GTA.

Assistantships are awarded annually on the recommendation of the Graduate Committee as part of its consideration of applications for admission. Primary consideration is given to grade point averages, Graduate Records Examination scores, letters of recommendation, and performance as a GTA (in the case of current appointees). Details of the amount of the awards are decided annually, and applicants should address all inquiries to the History Department GPO.

Last Updated: March 12, 2015