Financial Planning and Support


Financial aid is available to a select number of graduate students in the form of Graduate Teaching Assistantships, which carry a tuition waiver and stipend. All graduate applicants are eligible to apply for assistantships, although some preference is given to applicants for the Ph.D.. 

Tuition and Fees

Information about tuition and general fees for full-time Liberal Arts graduate students is available through the Student Financial Services Business Office. Nine credit hours of credit per semester is a full-time load. Please note the different tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students.

Note that, even after coursework is completed, students writing up theses or dissertations must continue to enroll and pay for a minimum of one credit hour in at least two semesters of each academic year.

As well as looking up tuition and fees, students seeking admission should familiarize themselves with the full financial costs associated with completing graduate school, particularly since graduate students are no longer eligible for subsidized federal loans. In order to avoid long-term debt, students may want to explore external fellowships, part-time work opportunities, and qualification status for federal work/study before applying for unsubsidized loans.

Awards and Fellowships

For enrolled students, funding is available through a competitive awards process for participation in professional conferences and to conduct thesis/dissertation research.

Health Insurance

Graduate Assistants at Auburn benefit from a subsidized health insurance program. Only students able to demonstrate that they have equivalent or greater prior coverage can opt out of this University plan. Graduate students who are not Assistants may opt into the University health insurance program.

Last Updated: February 06, 2017