Ph.D. Dissertations in Progress

Arrizabalaga, Edward P.
Dissertation title: "Vice Admiral Alfred Wilkinson Johnson: A Life of Achievement"
Advisor: Trimble, William F.

Baird, Andrew T.
Dissertation title: "How to Land on the Moon in 10 Years or Less: Bill Tindall and the Role of Data Coordination in the Success of Project Apollo"
Advisor: Hansen, James R.

Bishop, Christopher M.
Dissertation title: "Methodism and the Rise of the Southern Middle Class, 1866-94"
Advisor: Israel, Charles A.

Bocian, Meredith
Dissertation title: "'Fiery Trials': Women and the Civil War in East Tennessee, 1860-77"
Advisor: Noe, Kenneth W.

Brown, Tommy
Dissertation title: "The Civil War and Reconstruction in South Alabama, 1850-70"
Advisor: Noe, Kenneth W.

Campbell, James B.
Dissertation title: "Migration, Settlement, Rebellion, and Resistance: The Antebellum River Port Society within Arkansas's Gulf Coastal Plain Counties, 1850-70"
Advisor: Carter, David

Clawson, Jake
Dissertation title: "Militias, Manhood, and Citizenship in Southern Reconstruction, 1863-77"
Advisor: Noe, Kenneth W.

Collins, Robert P.
Dissertation title: "The Vanishing Indian and the Creek Struggle to Survive in Georgia and Alabama, 1800-35"
Advisor: Braund, Kathryn H.

Colvin, Alex
Dissertation title: "The Sehoy Legacy: Kinship, Gender, and Race in a Tensaw Community"
Advisor: Braund, Kathryn H.

Colvin, Perry A.
Dissertation title: "The Lord of the Air: Winston Churchill and the Rise of the Technocratic British State, 1917-22"
Advisor: Sheftall, Mark D.

Derbes, Brett J.
Dissertation title: "Prisoners Make War: The Production of Military Supplies with Inmate Labor at Confederate State Penitentiaries during the Civil War"
Advisor: Noe, Kenneth W.

Donaldson, Anthony
Dissertation title: "Goal Posts and Ivory Towers: The University of Alabama and Auburn University, 1872-1941: A Study of the Relationship between Traditional Universities and Land-Grant Colleges"
Advisor: Flynt, J. Wayne

Hawkins, George C.
Dissertation title: "The Ayr Bank: The Credit Crisis of 1772, Money, and Empire"
Advisor: Bohanan, Donna J.

Marini, Angelica
Dissertation title: "Southern by Birth, Queer by the Grace of God: Southern Sexualities and Regional Identity, 1920-70"
Advisor: Carter, David

McCall, Joseph W.
Dissertation title: "Whose Trail Is It? The Appalachian Trail as a Cooperative Social Movement"
Advisor: Biggs, Lindy

McGaughy, Taylor
Dissertation Title: “"Compromised Sovereignty and Cultural Confusion: Jurisprudence and Patronage on the Anglo-Creek Imperial Fringe"
Advisor: Braund, Kathryn

McLamb, J. Gregory
Dissertation title: "Peaks and Valleys: Champion Paper Company and the People of Canton, North Carolina"
Advisor: Carter, David

Mohr, John
Dissertation title: "Wallace's Long Shadow: Technology, Politics, and Industry in the American South.
Advisor: Lucsko, David

Powell, Rebecca Eckstein
Dissertation title: "'Famishing Women' and 'Ruffian Rioters': Bread Riots in Civil War Georgia, 1863-65"
Advisor: Noe, Kenneth W.

Shiver, Joshua R.
Dissertation title: "To Have and to Hold: The Influence of Interpersonal Relationships on Soldier Motivations in the American Civil War"
Advisor: Noe, Kenneth W.

Sparacio, Matthew
Dissertation title: "In Time of Iron-Age: The Choctaw Civil War and the Southern Frontier"
Advisor: Braund, Kathryn H.

Trew, Jason
Dissertation title: "Strategy and Technology in USAF Discourse”
Advisor: Meyer, Alan

Vogeler, Matthew
Dissertation title: "The Battle of Westport and Civil War Memory"
Advisor: Noe, Kenneth W.

Williams, Daniel
Dissertation title: "No Indian Canaan: The Baptist Triennial Convention, Indian Missions, and Indian Removal"
Advisor: Jortner, Adam

Wood, Andrew J.
Dissertation title: "Denomination and Dissent: B. F. Haynes, Methodism, and the Holiness Movement in Tennessee"
Advisor: Israel, Charles A.

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