Public History Resources

The National Council on Public History is the major professional association for public historians and its website contains information concerning job opportunities, professional conferences and workshops, publications, and other resources. The Public History Resource Center promotes networking, scholarship, information, and education in public history.

Other specialized sites deal with particular aspects of public history. Historic preservation students at several universities banded together to establish PreserveNet in 1994, which contains news, job postings, calls for advocacy, and internship opportunities for preservationists. The American Association for State and Local History is the organization of choice for many local historians, historic site managers, and history museum workers. The Society of American Archivists serves as the principal North American organization for the archival profession. The Oral History Association generates scholarship concerning the relationship between human memory and history and publishes a journal, the Oral History Review. The Center for History and New Media at George Mason University is a wonderful source of information for historians interested in digital projects. The National Coalition for History is a non-profit educational organization that provides leadership in history-related advocacy, acting as a clearinghouse for news and information concerning history legislation and political developments.

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Last Updated: February 10, 2017