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Kicklighter Professorship

The Joseph A. Kicklighter Endowed Professorship in History

Picture of KicklighterThe Joseph A. Kicklighter Endowed Professorship in History was established by alumni and friends of the Department of History to honor and preserve the legacy of a professor who has inspired thousands of Auburn University students. On September 7, 2006, Joseph A. Kicklighter received the Gerald and Emily Leischuck Endowed Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching.

"Over the past 30 years, Dr. Joseph Kicklighter has played a big role in why so many students consider Auburn University to be such a special place. Whether you developed an appreciation for history and learning in one of Joe's legendary History 101 classes, got to know the humorous and selfless Joe during his involvement with numerous honor societies and student organizations, or you set two alarms so you wouldn't miss the excitement of Dr. Kicklighter's Greco-Roman or Medieval History classes, a smile surely must come to your face when you look back on your association with 'Dr. K.'"
(Continue reading campaign letter from Tripp Haston and Tad Lidikay)

Thanks to generous donors, the professorship was established through a special program in which endowments could be established for half of the original $300,000 cost. Dr. Kicklighter's endowment was the first one to be completed under this temporary program. Donations to the endowment now total over $235,000, and we can still accept additional gifts to this fund -- the more money we collect, the more money gets awarded to a professor.

To make a donation, please print this donation form to accompany your check or use the Giving to Auburn secure online option. If using the online form, please choose "note other gift area" in the gifts designation section, type "Joseph Kicklighter Endowed Professorship / History" in the blank, and then enter the dollar amount of your contribution in the field immediately to the right.

Your contribution will be a tribute to a man whose enthusiasm for teaching and inspiring students exemplifies the Auburn spirit.

Please contact Dr. David Lucsko, History Department Chair, or the Development Office of the College of Liberal Arts if you have specific questions about gift giving.

The History Department and College of Liberal Arts gratefully acknowledge and thank those who have donated thus far to the Joseph A. Kicklighter Endowed Professorship in History campaign.

Contributors include but are not limited to:

Dr. Charles W. Alderman
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Sidney McAnnally
Mr. Eric Brandon Langley
Mr. & Mrs. Rory Lambert McKean
Mr. Thomas Glenn Stephens Jr.
Mrs. Kelly Thomas Commiskey
Mr. & Mrs. William Earl Porter
Mrs. Michelle Doty Gram
Dr. Anthony G. Carey
Mrs. Ruth Miller Williamson
Mr. Terrance Michael Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Clark Carroll
Mrs. Stephanie Johns Bond
Dr. Robert Jefferson Jakeman
Mr. Richard Hiller
Dr. Joseph A. Kicklighter
Mr. Hal Oliver Finney
Mrs. Kelly Self Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Stephen Bruner
Mrs. Carolyn Lehr Facteau
Mr. Paul Dees
Ms. Connie Hays Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Raymond Atwater
Dr. & Mrs. David Charles Carter
Mr. Edward W. Rogers III
Mr. Hal W. Smith
Mr. Myles Cunningham Tatum
Mr. Scott Allen Farrow
Mr. & Mrs. P. Thomas Dazzio
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Parker
Mr. Richard Arthur Freese
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Balkcom Hinton
Ms. Heather E. Pinkham
Mr. James Douglas Kay Jr.
Mr. Charles Tad Lidikay III
Ms. Rebecca J. Woodham
Mr. Chester L. McKinney Jr
Mr. & Dr. Darrell Lee Crutchley
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Hooker Carothers
Dr. Dorothy M. DiOrio
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Marion Haston
Mr. Steven Michael Melvin
Mrs. Sara Hitchcock Beck
Mr. Robert Matthew Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Peyton Jamison
Dr. Jennifer Joy Moody
Mr. Terrence W. McCarthy
Ms. Laura Newland Hill
Dr. Daniel Lee Haulman
Dr. & Mrs. Martin Olliff
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Baird
Mr. & Mrs. William David Benton
Mr. Peter Willem Baljet
Dr. Charles A. Israel
Ms. Terri Hutchins Cournoyer
Dr. William F. Trimble
Dr. Joseph Martin Turrini
Mrs. Cheryl Scales Green
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Conley Teel
Mr. & Ms. Bruce Matthews
Mrs. Nancy Wingo Garrett
Mr. Clay Prescott Richmond
Mr. Fred M. Haston Jr.
Mr. Stephen Aragon Kruse
Dr. Becky Flournoy Matthews
Mr. Jacob Willis Hancock
Mrs. Eleanor D. Foster
Mr. James Eugene Connell
Ms. Helen I. Smith
Dr. Debbie L. Shaw
Dr. & Mrs. Dan Carter
Cournoyer's Office Supply Co., Inc.
Mr. Milton Henry Isay
Mr. & Mrs. John Albert Smyth
Phi Alpha Theta
Dr. David Phillip Herrick
Mr. Calvin Markle
Ms. Julie Martel McKinney
Mr. Richard F. Hoerlein
Mr. & Mr. Scott McCalla Porter
MECO of Montgomery
Mr. John Jackson Brannon Jr.
Mr. Robert Alan Maruster
The Hiller Family Foundation
Mr. Benjamin Edwin Robuck
Mrs. Amie Wilson Britton
Complete Office Solutions

The Auburn University Foundation, by Board of Trustees mandate, is the designated recipient of gifts for the Auburn and Montgomery University's campuses. The Foundation is certified as a "qualified charitable organization" and meets the standards and requirements of the Internal Revenue Service within the meaning of IRS code Section 501(c)(3). Under this code, all contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes (subject to statutory limitations) and for federal estate and gift tax purposes. The Foundation's federal identification number for tax purposes is 63-6022422.

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