Department of History

Alumni List

2010 - 2019

  • Barber, Stephen

    Barber, Stephen

    PhD 2011
    "The Gospel Horse in the Valley: Evangelical Slavery and Freedom in the Chattahoochee Valley, 1821-1877"
  • Barronton, Joshua

    Barronton, Joshua

    MA 2010
    "The Opposition Court of Henry, Prince of Wales, in the Reign of James I, 1610-1612"
  • Boshears Jr., James Joseph

    PhD 2012
    "The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man’: The Social Gospel Interracialism of the Southern Sociological Congress"
  • Brown, Robin

    MA 2013
    "Collecting the Scattered and Forgotten: Printers, Collectors, and Early Archival Societies"
  • Bryant, Lauren

    MA 2013
    "Laying their own Track: Provincial Cities and Urban Development in France, 1851-1918"
  • Burke, David

    Burke, David

    Dr. Burke is currently a Lecturer at Auburn University-Montgomery.

    PhD 2010
    "Southern Devices: Geology, Industry, and Atomic Testing in Mississippi's Piney Woods"
  • Burnes, Valerie

    PhD 2012
    "From Pre-Civil War to Post-Civil Rights: The Political Lives of African-Americans"
  • Buschman, Neil

    MA 2013
    "The United States Food Administration During World War I: The Rise of Activist Government Through Food Control During Mobilization for Total War"
  • Christiansen, Amy

    MA 2012
    "The Discomforts of Empire: Emily Eden's Life in India, 1836-1842"
  • Craig, Leah

    MA 2012
    "Un-Living History: Programming, Interpretation, and Management at Haunted Historic Sites"
  • Dennis, Carol Ann

    PhD 2012
    "The Other Beecher: Laura Beecher Comer, Plantation Mistress and Daughter of the Confederacy, 1846-1900"
  • Faucett, Joseph

    Faucett, Joseph "Nick"

    MA 2010
    "Charles I and His Public: Religious Ideology, Political Discourse, and Ceremony, 1625-1633"
  • Fox, Paul

    PhD 2013
    "The Scottish Episcopal Church: Religious Conflict in the Late Stuart Period"
  • Frazier, Robin

    MA 2010
    "Vanishing Georgia Photographic Collection: The Discovery of Georgia's Historical Photographs and the Expansion of Public Access"
  • Galati, Leslie Ann

    MA 2014
    "There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute”: An Examination of P.T. Barnum’s Methods and Museum Controversy Today"
  • Hall, Richard

    Hall, Richard

    PhD 2011
    "The Captain America Conundrum: Issues of Patriotism, Race, and Gender in Captain America Comic Books, 1941-2001 "
  • Hills, Jessica

    MA 2012
    "Larceny in My Heart": The Abscam Political Scandal, 1978-1983"
  • Hodgin Bruce, Adrianne Lee

    PhD 2013
    "The Fighting Five-Tenth"
  • Hoogerwerf, James

    Hoogerwerf, James

    PhD 2010
    "Roots: From Crop Duster to Airline; The Origins of Delta Air Lines to World War II"
  • Huggins, Shannon

    Huggins, Shannon

    PhD 2010
    "The Power of Preaching: Female Identity, Legitimacy, and Leadership in American Quakerism, 1700-1776"
  • Johnson, Michael

    PhD 2012
    "'This is Ground Control': The Invention of Mission Control Centers in the United States and Europe"
  • Kipphut, Shannon

    MA 2010
    "Arbiter of Tradition and Change: The Atlanta Historical Society's Role in an Urban Landscape"
  • MacKenzie, Scott A.

    PhD 2014
    "The Fifth Border State: Slavery and the Formation of West Virginia, 1850-1868."
  • McDaniel, Hayden

    MA 2012
    "Managing the New Deal: Administration of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942"
  • McLemore, Lawrence

    PhD 2012
    "The Second Reconstruction in Local Politics: Alabama Grassroots Activists Fulfilling the Promise of the Voting Rights Act, 1960-1990"
  • Mitchell, David

    PhD 2012
    "Reconstructing Religious Identity: Southern Baptists and Anti-Catholicism, 1870-1920"
  • Montford, Hesper

    MA 2013
    "A New Deal for Writers: The Alabama Writers' Project and Its Contributions to American History"
  • Murray, Jennifer

    Murray, Jennifer

    PhD 2010
    "'On A Great Battlefield': The Making, Management, and Memory of Gettysburg National Military Park, 1933–2009"
  • Owings, David

    MA 2011
    "A Cross Section of America’s World War II Prison Camps: The Lives of Axis Prisoners of War in Alabama, Their Memory, and Their Place on the Historical Landscape"
  • Peterson, Tyler

    MA 2012
    "At the Tip of the Pyramid: The Iconography of Early Astronauts and Cosmonauts"
  • Ramga, Rochelle

    Ramga, Rochelle

    PhD 2010
    "The Trimble-McCue Family and Midwestern Copperheadism"
  • Ramsey, Julia

    MA 2011
    "“Girls” in Name Only: A Study of American Red Cross Volunteers On the Frontlines of World War II"
  • Ray, Randal

    MA 2013
    "The Law of Love: The Christian Commonwealth Colony, A Utopian Experiment"
  • Riveira, Angelia

    MA 2013
    "A Tale of Two Markets: The People and Culture of American Flea Markets"
  • Robinson, Maurice

    MA 2012
    "Asphalt Politics in the Deep South: Race, Housing, and the Interstate Highway System in Atlanta and Birmingham"
  • Rodriguez, Catherine

    MA 2013
    "Columbus, Georgia: Examining the Public History Landscape of a Southern City"
  • Sayers, Abby

    Sayers, Abby

    MA 2010
    "Publicizing Private Life: Criminal Conversation Trials in Eighteenth-Century Britain"
  • Self, David

    MA 2013
    "Proposal and Guide for Development of an Archival Special Collection for the Preservation of the Contributions of Auburn University and its Alumni to NASA and Space Exploration"
  • Stephens, Jessica

  • Stockus, Pete

    MA 2012
    "Rethinking African American Protest: Freaknik and the Civil Rights Legacy of Atlanta"
  • Wakefield, Zachary L.

    MA 2012
    "Taking the Stand: Theodore Bilbo's 1946 Senate Hearing and the Complexities of Mississippi's Post-War Civil Rights Struggle"
  • Zarafonetis, Mike

    Zarafonetis, Mike

    PhD 2010
    "The 'Fabulous' Fox Theatre and Atlanta, 1929-1975"

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