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Promoting Linguistic Diversity in the Community


Published on Dec 04, 2018

Dr. Iulia Pittman stands with students and a linguistics event

During the fall semester of 2018, more than 50 students from “Applied Linguistics in Second Language Acquisition” (CTES 7420/26) and “Survey of Linguistics” (ENGL 3110) created and displayed posters at the Auburn Public Library that promote linguistic diversity. Some posters analyzed conversations between native and non-native speakers of English, and other posters presented information on select languages (27 different language in total). The project was funded through a Community and Civic Engagement Grant from the College of Liberal Arts, Curriculum and Teaching in the College of Education, and the Media and Digital Resource Lab at the Auburn University Libraries. It was led in collaboration by Dr. Harrison (ESOL Education) and Dr. Pittman (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures). The students were able to present their work to an authentic audience and truly enjoyed the interaction with the visitors. Our guests included a mix of ages, nationalities, and professional backgrounds, from children to retirees, people from five continents, Auburn residents, and visitors from Georgia.

Read more about the project in this article from the Auburn Plainsman.

Last Updated: November 07, 2019