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The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers a minor in Italian Studies. Students may take courses in Italian or may concentrate coursework in such areas as Italian history and civilization (art, music, architecture, etc.) to satisfy the requirements.


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New Academic Opportunities

AU now offers graduate credits in Italian to eligible students studying in Taormina. Additionally, students can earn up to 9 graduate credits during fall and spring semesters by enrolling in the new FLIT 6976 course, offered both on campus and via distance learning.


The Italian Department is a booming department with an innovative curriculum (courses in cinema, mafia, women’s studies, survey of literature, and popular culture) in collaboration with other disciplines via the Languages across the Curriculum program and with service learning components. Since 2006 the Italian Department has offered summer and semester study programs in Taormina, Italy, with further partnership with the Taormina International Film Fest via the local institution, Babilonia. During the summer program, students are fully immersed thanks to Master classes offered by well-acclaimed directors and actors at the fest, iPods loaded with audio and visual resources that are specific to an Italian culture course taught by the AU faculty, enriched by workshops and activities with local artisans and scholars, and a pedagogically sound course load offered by the local institution (courses and seminars in language, art history, history, literature, cinema, geology, and music).

Grants Received

The Italian Department at Auburn University is recipient of a grant from the Italian government, in the amount of approximately $12,000 per year and extendable for up to 5 years. Auburn University is one of only seven universities in the country to receive this grant. Thanks to this support, the Italian Department is now able to offer online courses for teachers as well as students, outside of Alabama, who wish to pursue advanced studies in Italian language and culture. Please check with DLOT ( The Italian Club, housed in the Italian Department, has also received some important grants from NIAF and SGA at Auburn University. The Club sponsors many activities throughout the academic year, with highlights in October (National Italian American Heritage Month) and February (Carnevale). For more information please contact the Italian faculty or the officers of the club (click the Organizations link).

Last Updated: June 12, 2018

Italian has not only increased my understanding of English better but it has given me a head start and better knowledge of the languages I took after it, i.e. Spanish and French. Italian has broadened my possibilities greatly with simple daily activities such as searching for something on the Internet or watching a movie. Overall, knowing only one language was like being in a cage, with all the world outside; Italian became my key to understanding that world outside a little better.

JoAnna Mayfield, Graduate Student in Spanish