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Alumni Spotlight: Corryn Zimmerman, ’98, German International Trade

By Vicky Santos, Director, External Affairs

Allow me to introduce Corryn Zimmerman by way of Dos Equis’ current “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” campaign because she is the female counterpart. Zimmerman has worked for Porsche Cars; she is moving to Germany to manage marketing in Europe, Africa and regions of the Middle East; she makes wine; she was one of the only female pizza delivery drivers while in Auburn; she has 18 titanium screws and four titanium plates in her face (which do not set off metal detectors); and she tried out for the Women’s National Football League. Oh, and she’s a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council and a Liberal Arts graduate.

Corryn Zimmerman and others not identifiedOriginally from Pensacola, Florida, Zimmerman opted to come to Auburn (instead of Boston College) because of a boy she liked. It didn’t work out with the boy, but she stayed at Auburn just the same. She says that choosing German International Trade as her major was fairly easy because she already had so many German credits from high school, and because she loves all things German.  

“I have always had a passion for the German language and culture, and international business is where my heart lies,” Zimmerman said.

So now, as Zimmerman puts it, she is packing up or selling off her entire life to pursue a position with Carestream Dental (formerly Kodak Dental) in Stuttgart, Germany, where she will head up their marketing for their international counterparts.

Corryn ZimmermanHer career path since leaving Auburn has been ideal for Zimmerman. Shortly after graduation, she landed her dream job at Porsche Cars N.A. where she worked for over six years, and she most recently worked as the Director of Digital Marketing for Manheim Auto Auctions for the last six-and-a-half years.

“I have motor oil pumping through my veins,” Zimmerman admits.

Her time at Auburn helped to facilitate her love of German culture, as well as to fuel those motor-oil veins, through academic rigor and pizza delivery.

“Delivering pizzas at Papa John’s was one of my favorite memories as a student at Auburn,” Zimmerman recalls. “Back then there weren’t a lot of female drivers and people always recognized me as – ‘ah, the female pizza driver!’ It was amazing how many students/teachers/employees I came face-to-face with in that job.”

When asked what classes helped her most in her career pursuits, she says, “Accounting, oddly enough. It is not the focus of my career, but it has been beneficial in managing multi-million dollar budgets and has also helped me out on a personal level.”

The other class that was beneficial to Zimmerman, was, of course, German. “I am confident it is the main reason I am where I am in my career today,” Zimmerman said.  

The belief that her Liberal Arts education prepared her for her success is part of the reason Zimmerman stays so involved with the university.

Corryn Zimmerman“Auburn gave me a lot and I want to give back,” Zimmerman says. “Not just to the school, but to students who are in a similar position that I was in. I want them to succeed.  I came to Auburn with little financial support, so working and studying was my life.”     

Since her experience with Auburn was clearly a positive one, we asked Zimmerman to share some advice with our incoming and returning students and she had this to say…

“I can’t even pretend to know what a freshman is going through these days, I’m way too old now! For the returning students, I would suggest thinking about what school is like for you. Do you want that experience for someone else? And ask yourself how you can help make that happen for them.”


Last Updated: August 06, 2014