Faculty Resources

CLA Dean's Matching Fund for International Travel

The CLA Dean’s matching fund for urgent international travel supports faculty for special/urgent opportunities that further the research and creative scholarship agendas of faculty and contribute to the missions for recognizing CLA faculty by supporting their participation in prestigious, highly specialized conferences, scholarly meetings, exhibitions, and other such research related activities.  In applying, faculty should make the nature of the meeting or activity and its participants clear and indicate how attendance or involvement will contribute to the missions identified above.  Requests, not to exceed one page in length, should originate from the faculty member’s home department with approvals and assurances of matching funds from the department head/chair and associate dean for research (representing the dean). The dean will provide 1/4 of the needed support funds; generally up to $500 (not to exceed $1000) – pending availability of funds. Additionally, the department chairs must indicate that the departmental funds are extremely at risk and there are no applicable competitive travel funding awards that could fully fund the requested activity. No more than one award per department per year are envisioned.  All request must meet AU travel policies.

Last Updated: October 03, 2016