Department of English

Introduction to Professional Writing

ENGL 2010

Class day(s): MTWRF
Class time: 9:45 AM

Derek Ross

Associate Professor

Interest areas

Environmental Rhetoric; Ethics; Design

Derek Ross

Contact information

8072 Haley Center
(334) 844-9073

Course Description

ENGL 2010 serves as the gateway course for the professional and public writing track in Auburn University’s Department of English. The track seeks to provide students with key skills for writing in various fields that place a high priority on skilled communication, whether in business or in the non-profit sector, including editing and design, education, and the law. In this course we will consider what constitutes professional and public writing and practice various types of audience-centered communication. You will gain practice in research, editing, design, and writing for a variety of different rhetoric situations.

After completing this course successfully, you should be able to analyze specific audiences and situations; create documents and visuals that respond to specific users, including users with special needs; communicate technical material to non-expert audiences; write collaboratively; usability test a document; and edit documents for completeness, accuracy, correctness, and consistency.


This course will include several short written pieces, including memos and usability reports, an oral presentation, and at least one primarily-graphic design.


This course will rely on a primary textbook and a number of journal articles, as well as your own primary research.

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Last Updated: March 21, 2019