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Phillip Beard

Phillip Beard Lecturer
8012 Haley Center

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  • Tuesday 10:00-11:00 am
  • Thursday 10:00-11:00 am


Phillip Beard has an MA from the University of Virginia and a PhD from the University of Maryland. He has taught American Literature as a Fulbright Scholar at Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany. Beard won an Auburn Instructor Award in 2008. He specializes in studying hybrid forms of American Romanticism in twentieth century literature.  He teaches World Literature in the Vienna Abroad Program.  Beard also acts with the Auburn Area Community Theater.

Representative Publications

  • "Getting on Terms with Elusive Reality: Nature's 'Irresistible Dictation' and Grammars of Understanding in Emerson, Santayana, and Cavell," Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society 37, Indiana UP, 2019. 
  • "Santayana's 'The Genteel Tradition in American Philosophy,' Derrida, and the Ghosts of Idealism." : Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society 35.35, Indiana UP, 2017.
  • “Not Standing on Ceremony: How to Be an Amateur in the Theater.” Perform: Acting for the Stage. : Eds. Anna Weinstein and Chris Qualls.
    Abingdon: Routledge, 2017.
  • “Hemingway, Stevens, and the Meditative Poetry of ‘Extraordinary Actuality’,” in Teaching Hemingway and Modernism.  ed. Joseph Fruscione.  Kent State UP, 2015.
  • “The Spy, The Shark's Eye, and the ‘True Unreal’ of Lowell's Notebook,” Literary Imagination, 16.2, Oxford UP (2014).
  • “Technical Aristocracy and the Dark Mirror of German Fate in The Quiller Memorandum and Gravity’s Rainbow” or: “The End of the Bugs Bunny, Heroic Line at the Orpheus Theater, Los Angeles, 1973,” in Amerikanische Kulturpolitik in Deutschland nach 1945 ed. Heike Paul and Katharina Gerund. Transcript, 2014. 
  • “Fitzgerald's ‘Absolution’: Revisions of Romanticism and Nostalgia as "Things Go Glimmering,” The Fitzgerald Review 9 (2011): 68-87.
  • "Inconclusible Desire: The Doubling of Delmore Schwartz," Literary Imagination,  11.1, Oxford UP (2009).  

Other Selected Publications

  • "Krenek, Ernst (1900–1991)." The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism. : Taylor and Francis, 2016.
  • “Gould, Glenn (1932-1982)." The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism. : Taylor and Francis, 2016. 
  • “Cooled Cats: The Limited ‘Freude’ of Lowell's ‘To Delmore Schwartz,’” in The Explicator,  62.1 (2003): 47-50.
  • “F. Scott Fitzgerald,” in The American Midwest: An Interpretive Encyclopedia,  Bloomington: Indiana University Press, (2001).
  • "The Dark of Heaven: G. M. Hopkins' Tragic Sense of Self," in Literature and Belief, (1999): 19:1,2.
  • "'Can't Get There From Here': R.E.M.'s Early Indiscernibility," in CrossRoads, A Journal of Southern Culture, (1998): V: 2.

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