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David Vinson's Recent Publication

Published on October 25, 2018

David Vinson's Recent Publication

We are thrilled to announce the recent publication of David Vinson's article, “The Extraordinary Afterlife of Major John André: the ‘Common Spy’" in Eighteenth-Century Studies, vol. 52.1 (October 2018). The article explores the correlation between posthumous André-related “texts” and the performative powers exhibited by André himself during his captivity and the public spectacle of his ignoble hanging. Presented is a two-fold argument: first, that André used his expertise as a performer of genteel sensibility and aristocratic stoicism to shape how he would be remembered, which subsequently inspired a vast catalog of transatlantic "texts;" and second, that Britain and America needed André during and after the Revolutionary War. André was appropriated as a hegemonic apparatus by both nations and for the specific purposes of masking national anxieties and perpetuating hegemonic values. David Vinson is a PhD. candidate in the Department of English at Auburn University. Congratulations, David!

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