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Donald R. Wehrs Co-edited a New Book

Published on November 30, 2017

Donald R. Wehrs Co-edited a New Book

In November 2017 Palgrave Macmillan published The Palgrave Handbook of Affect Studies and Textual Criticism, coedited by Donald R. Wehrs, Hargis Professor of English Literature, and Thomas Blake, Associate Professor of English and Philosophy at Monroe Community College, New York (Auburn Ph.D., 2009). This nearly 900-page, 32-chapter volume, with 33 contributing scholars from North America, Europe, and Australia, brings together, and puts in dialogue, strands of affect theorizing and criticism deriving from both poststructuralist philosophy and neurocognitive-evolutionary research. Addressing literature, film, rhetoric, music, and performance studies, and the handbook links contemporary discourse to a history of reflection upon affect that stretches back to early antiquity while presenting historicizing accounts of cultural understandings of affectivity and textual engagements with affect and emotions from ancient epic to contemporary fiction. Professor Wehrs wrote the introduction, “Affect and Texts: Contemporary Inquiry in Historical Contexts,” and one of the chapters, “Narrative and Affect in Epic, Romance, and the Novel.” Professor Blake wrote another chapter, Affective Aversion, Ethics, and Fiction.” Two other chapters have Auburn connections. W.B. Gerard, Professor of English at Auburn University at Montgomery, wrote “Laurence Sterne’s “Poor Maria” as Model of Empathic Response” and Lorna Wood, former Auburn English Department instructor, wrote, “Affect and Fascism in Lolita.”  Congratulations, Don, Thomas, W.B., and Lorna!

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