Distance Education

Multiple Proctoring Services for Distance Courses Available


ProctorU, an online proctoring service, is available to Auburn University faculty, staff and students.  Please explore ProctorU at http://proctoru.com/auburn/ and/or watch this short video:

Any faculty member or administrative staff who would like to use ProctorU should create an account (on http://proctoru.com/auburn/, click on Login and then on New Users:  Create an Account).  The user will go through the process of creating a student account.  Once this account is created, email Lee Klinglemsith, Partner Services at lklinglesmith@proctoru.com with your user ID, and he will upgrade your login to administrative status. 

Students will be able to make their exam reservations with ProctorU once an account has been created and ProctorU gets a completed copy of the ADF form from you.  The form is used to provide ProctorU with the information necessary to proctor each exam.  ProctorU will need enough information in this document for students to recognize their exam when selecting it in the list.  When filled out, students need to email this document to passwords@proctoru.com.  It goes to several people, and will ensure that the information is put into the ProctorU system promptly.  Any time a student wants to add exams to the system, she/he will use this process. Any change to exam information should also be sent to passwords@proctoru.com.  Students need to be sure to include emergency /after-hour contact information in the special instruction column.  

The default for Auburn’s payment is student pay.  A department can pay for test proctoring; however, students will need to make this indication under the special instruction column on the ADF so ProctorU will know which department to bill.

Additional information for ProctorU:


Auburn University is pleased to announce a partnership with SmarterProctoring, a testing management system to help facilitate proctored exams. SmarterProctoring works within our Canvas LMS.  It also meets Auburn University criteria for ensuring the validity and integrity of proctored exams.   It will allow students to schedule their exam with either AU Testing Services, approved online  proctoring services or approved proctors at other locations from within Canvas.

To use SmarterProctoring in scheduling your exams, start by making it active within your course http://auburn.edu/img/apps/canvas/teachers/f_integrate_smarterproct/

  • Click SmarterProctoring in the left navigation panel, and follow the instructions to setup your course.
  • Once you setup your course click “Add Exam” from the course.  Then complete the “Add Exam" form inside of SmarterProctoring making sure that all information concerning the exam has been added to the form. If you are setting up an exam that has been published in Canvas you should see it listed in the drop down menu at the top of the form.

(Note: Under the Proctor Types please make sure that “Institution Testing Centers” is selected so that Auburn Testing Services will be available for your students. You can also select other options for your students including other testing centers, and/or virtual proctoring for those students away from the University.)

  • After completing the add exam form, instruct your students to go to SmarterProctoring within their course in Canvas and schedule with Auburn Testing services or one of the other options you have made available.

If you are having difficulty using the SmarterProctoring system,  please contact Andrew Davis at Andrew@smarterservices.com or 205-994-6264.

If you have questions and or require additional information about this service, contact Ernestine Morris-Stinson, AU Biggio Center | Testing Services at 844-3114 or via email morrier@auburn.edu