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Rachel Rudolph

Rachel Rudolph

Assistant Professor


Rachel Rudolph

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6094 Haley Center

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Monday 12:00 - 2:00 pm via Zoom

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PhD, University of California, Berkeley

About Me

Rachel Rudolph focuses on philosophy of language and metaethics. She is especially interested in experiential language (sentences like "this food is tasty" or "this dress looks blue"), which we use to communicate at once about the objective world and about our subjective experience. She has also been thinking about how speakers negotiate linguistic conventions, and about the relationship between moral language and moral metaphysics. Her recent publications include "Talking about appearances: the roles of evaluation and experience in disagreement" in Philosophical Studies, "A closer look at the perceptual source" in Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung, and "Against Conventional Wisdom" in Philosophers' Imprint (co-authored with Alex Kocurek and Ethan Jerzak).

Research Interests

philosophy of language, metaethics